Please help titanic

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patrick o

OK i have a social studies report due tommoow i need info.
PLease Tell me everything

Trent Pheifer

Hi Patrick,

Could you be a little more specific? Titanic is such a broad subject, have you surfed the site? You will find all the information you need on this site. Good Luck!

Sep 12, 2000
Dear Patrick,

First, "Everything" is on this site somewhere.

Second, research project generally have a long period where they have been assigned, so my feeling is that you have waited until the very last moment...and Titanic is a very big thing to research in one evening.

So, for quick research papers, my advice is to take a quick look at an encyclopedia on Titanic as a topic.

Write down the basics (date time event) stuff like that.

Then decide what it is that you wish to write about regarding Titanic:the ship, the events of the sinking, the passengers, the crew, the aftermath, the discovery of the wreckage and how that changed things. Only pick one though.

Then look up the information by doing a search on this site. Give credit where credit is due.

And next time start your research paper when it is assigned instead of waiting until the last minute. (SMILE)

Good luck
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