Please I need help with conversionsets

Morten Jensen

Mar 4, 2006
All -

I have looked at, and on the top there is written that he is not offering the BRITANNIC / OLYMPIC sets at this time

If things goes the right way, I am going to build a new 1/350 Britannic wreck model for a museum in Greece. Therefore I need a new conversion-set to use on the new model. I can also be happy with just two or three gantry-davits since I only used one of the A-deck and upper hull-sides on my current wreck. I have also seven davits remaining, so two more would be fine. If anyone know where I can get a new set, or if anyone have two davits to sell me, (I will pay!) this will be highly appreciated!!

Here is a link to my current model:

Best regards,

Morten Jensen

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