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Caroline Chavez

Okay well first off i have herd this by a few people. They have told me like that some people "died"OR"got injured" in the making of the Titanic. I'm like "wow no one died in the making!" Is it true? If not what the heck is giving them this idea!? Also from the people i have heard this from they sound very strong about it.
From what I know, only a few people were injured during the filming of the Titanic's final moments. I don't think anyone was killed though.
The schedules and hours worked were quite demanding, as was noted in an interview Kate Winslett once gave (she later admitted/claimed she was exhausted when she spoke).

However, no one was killed, especially as incidents on Hollywood film sets "do not remain concealed": several publicized incidents involving the ABC series "That's Incredible", and the unfortunate death of actor Vic Morrow, during the filming of "The Twilight Zone", in 1982. And two years later, in 1984, Michael Jackson was burned by a firecracker during the filming of that Pepsi commercial.
These were the serious incidents: on at least one "Hollywood Bloopers" show, they showed various outtakes involving small- or near-calamities, especially TV spots involving animals.

If anyone had died during the filming of "Titanic", the Los Angeles media would have had "a field day".
>>If anyone had died during the filming of "Titanic", the Los Angeles media would have had "a field day". <<

A understatement to be sure. With the money spent on this film, the media newshawks would have been all over this one like vultures on a carcass.
Any film within the past ten years had people killed during filming?

"I cannot imagine any condition which would cause people to die while filming. I cannot conceive of any vital disaster happening to
these films. Modern filmaking has gone beyond that..."
British actor Roy Kinnear bled to death during the filming of The Return of The Musketeers. He fell off a horse during a shoot and broke his pelvis on 20th September 1988.


Didn't Brandon Lee get killed on the set of The Crow or something?

The most painful film for me, without a doubt, was The Thin Red Line. It was agonisingly dull. Half the audience walked out during it, the other half breathed a huge sigh of collective relief at the end. I couldn't have cared less who lived and who died by the end. The crappest film I ever saw.



Pat Cook

Dear Boz,

I am SO sorry to hear about the circumstances surrounding Roy Kinnear's death. I had heard he passed away (and a great loss that was) but had no idea about the way it happened.

Best regards, O M
I too liked Roy Kinnear and he died, as Iain writes above, when he fell from his horse. Roy hated horses and said so in an interview a couple of months before he was killed. He was no horse-man and there is a film shot of the accident. He was riding over a bridge. The horse was cantering on the wrong leg for the turn at the end of the bridge and he and the horse went over. His widow received, I think, 250,000 GBP damages. A nice man, he made me laugh.
all i know is some people got exhausted from the hours (that cruddy actor ..... Dicaprio, Winslet and Cameron) most got food poisoning at the beggining of the shoot and a few people got a mild hypotermia from filming the scenes in the 'Atlantic' or maybe it was Pinewood studios, but im betting Atlantic. Oh some poor camera operator probably got a black eye when Cameron had to shake the camera in some scenes. He did that in Aliens aswell.
"Didn't Brandon Lee get killed on the set of The Crow or something?"

Yep, from a bullet in a gun that was supposed to be loaded with a dummy. This accident lead to the semi-persistent rumor of a Lee family curse, considering that his father died so suddenly at such a young age. Place no faith in such things, though...the course of life is sufficiently strange enough without having to resort to curses to explain such occurences.

"most got food poisoning at the beggining of the shoot"

I thought it was more like someone slipped in some kind of hallucinating agent into the food which caused something like food poisoning? I could have sworn reading that in a report at the time...or maybe it was wishful thinking on my part.
There was a stunt man killed in the middle of a stunt on the location set of Walker, Texas Ranger in their last season. I think it was the reason Chuck Norris called it quits for the show.

Jeremy, I can answer your question about Chuck Norris being in most of Bruce Lee's movies. The answer is that Chuck Norris has been in only one Bruce Lee movie. Its called the return of the dragon its about this guy who goes to Italy to help out a person who has a resturant, but bad guys want it. Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee met at the end of the movie during the grand finale of the movie Chuck Norris fights Bruce Lee at the Rome colliseum I don't know who won, but I do know that it was Chuck Norris's first movie and it was the last movie for Bruce Lee before Chuck Norris became an actor he was a karate champion, which is one of the reasons Chuck Norris was asked to be in that movie and like Chuck Norris, bruce lee was a martial arts champion before he became an actor. They were masters at the types of martial arts they did. Chuck Norris had a type of martial arts called Chun Kuk Do. Bruce Lee studied an martial arts form called Wing Chun ,and years later created what's known as Jeet Kune Do and I don't know what type of martial arts Chun kuk do ,Wing Chun ,and Jeet Kune Do, are but, i am sure there is information about them .I hope this helps .Jennifer Mueller

Alex McLean

Yes, people did get food poisoned while filming Titanic, but it was neither DiCaprio or Winslet. It happened at the end of filming the scenes aboard the Keldysh, and at this point, the main shipboard characters were not needed. Paxton was taken ill, though.

Alex McLean

The Safety Director was killed during filming of Tora! Tora! Tora!
Also killed during filming this film was a stunt pilot who crashed into a mountain side.
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