Polar The Titanic Bear

Sep 20, 2000
Hi, Beckey:

I must have missed your original question, but here's a couple knockout bargains, if you don't mind a possible "remainder" stripe on the book:

From: http://www.bookcloseouts.com/bc/home.asp

29 Polar the Titanic Bear
Spedden, Daisy Corning Stone ··· Hardcover ··· Qty Avail: 50
Our Price: $6.99 ··· You Save: $10.96 (62%)

30 Polar The Titanic Bear
Corning Stone Spedden, Daisy ··· Softcover ··· Qty Avail: 50
Our Price: $1.99 ··· You Save: $3.96 (67%)

Easiest way to get to them is just search Keyword "Titanic" from the main page.


Dave Gittins

Apr 11, 2001
I've just managed to get this via interlibrary loan.

Newer members of the forum may not know of it.

Anthony is not far out when he says it's "sheer delight". It's beautifully illustrated by Laurie McGaw in an appropriately old fashioned style. The painting of the old cash register alone is worth a peep. As well as the paintings, it has numerous photos of Douglas Spedden, his parents and Polar. There are other contemporary illustrations of Titanic and other ships. Ken Marschall helped get technical points right.

Observant readers will notice a drawing derived from two Francis Browne photos.

Even our resident curmudgeon would love it!

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