Portholes on port side

Don Tweed

Mar 30, 2006
I am going to drill holes in my model to install a light for viewing. What cabins would have legitimite lights on? All help must welcomed!!
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Matt Pereira

I'm not going to say this is 100% true information. But i would assume the crew area`s would have been lit most likely for the night i know the 3rd class general room would have had lights turned out before or around 11:30 pm and the lounge i belive was also closed by that time along with the smoking room that was about to close minus a few guest that was still in there. If you want general rooms lit up go with all the major rooms such as the D deck reception room, the stair cases, the officer quarters, the D deck first class dinning room windows,ect

I'm sure someone else would be able to give more correct information.
Dec 2, 2000
Easley South Carolina
>>But i would assume the crew area`s would have been lit most likely for the night...<<

Errrrrr...not necessarily true. Remember the crew worked on a shift/watch rotation which ran 24 hours a day and seven days a week. In berthing areas at least, it would not be surprising or unreasonable for the lights to be out whenever possible in deference to those who had to work odd hours.

However, White Star and the other shipping lines may have had a contrary practice.

Matt Pereira

Well I know the bridge and all lights forewards the bridge on deck would most likely be off during the night to improve night vision. But im sure for instance the grand staircases andthe A deck promonade would be lit through out the night along with the D deck reception room possibly the Dinning room unless they were turned off after everyone was done eatting for the night. I know the french alacart restraunt in the stern end of the vessle would have been lit for the same duration as the dinning rooms. I doubt the foreward crew quarters would be lit other than during a shift change during the night.

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