Portrait of Titanic's sinking

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I would like to obtain a copy of the portrait of Titanic' sinking, for my ET article on Edgar Meyer. I'm referring to the old picture that has appeared on the cover of the publication of "A Night To Remember," and on the later editions of "End of a Dream." Probably everyone out there has seen it. The picture shows the ship from the rear, the stern sticking high up, with a life boat picking people out of the water. Various ice flos are shown. I need to know if it's copyrighted, and if the copyright is still good. If so, who can I obtain permission to republish from? Any help would be appreciated.

John Meeks


You can bet you're sweet bippy that it's probably still copyrighted!

If the original copyright was never sold outright - there's just a slim chance that, by now, it has slipped into 'public domain' - but I doubt that very much indeed!

I would start by trying to contact the publisher of the last reproduction you know of - and tracing it from there...

If you want permission to 'republish' - be warned...that permission might cost ya!

Try to get hold of a copy of The Berne Convention - the International Agreement which covers copyright - if you need assistance, please feel free to e-mail me, and I will try to advise and assist, if I can...

Best Regards,

John M
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