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I would like to know if anyone could give me any information on the four portuguese passengers (José Joaquim de Brito, 2nd Class; Domingos Fernandes Coelho, 3rd Class; Manuel Estanislau Gonçalves, 3rd Class; and José Neto Jardim, 3rd Class). I only have their ages (Brito was 32; Coelho was 20; Gonçalves was 38; and Jardim was 21), and it is vital for me to know their places of origin, in order to be able to investigate the Parish Records here in Portugal, and other sources. One other thing: the portuguese second class passenger is always shown in the lists (including here in Titanica Encyclopedia) as Mr De Brito - this is a mistake because in portuguese the "de" is not a part of the name, it just means a simple "of" in english. The correct way to put it is Brito, Mr José Joaquim de.

Filipe Prista Lucas Rodrigues Lopes

Im glad to announce that three of the four Portuguese passengers have already been found

I must publicly thank the vital contribution of Mr José Luis, who discovered the whereabouts of the passengers' family (until now, Im simply a messenger of this news).

As it seems, we have found the three third class passengers. One of them left a little girl behind, another left five children, and the other was single. The families of the first two are still living in their origin area, and have already been contacted.

Mr José Luis and myself are going to start gathering information on them, on their families, and then submit the complete biographies to the site.

Filipe Prista

Mike Herbold

Feb 13, 2001
Congratulations, Filipe. It sounds like you both have done quite a bit of difficult research to get this far. We all look forward to reading more about these gentlemen, especially Mr. Jardim.

Cátia Lamy

Hi Filipe!

Great news!!! Filipe... I'd like you to tell me if you could something about 3rd class Manoel E. Gonçalves (probably Manuel and not Manoel) since I've got a friend that may have some relation with him!

See ya!
Cátia Lamy

João Carlos Pereira Martins

One of my main goals when I got registered in ET was to find some relevant information about the young emigrants from Madeira Island who boarded the Titanic in search for a better life.

That region of Portugal was very poor (and still is in some parts) at that time and like most of the Portuguese people in beginning of the century they probably hadn't any studies, so, how they communicate on board? Is there any references of their activities during the voyage, any interesting habit?

I know that most of questions haven't certainly an answer (like Michael Standart usually says to me. I recognize he has reason, the majority of my questions don't have responses), but anything you can find please post here!!

I've done my own research in the archives of the newspapers "Diário de Notícias" or "Jornal de Notícias", although there aren't even a few lines about the Portuguese deads in the disaster. Well, this newspapers were and still are the most important in the country and perhaps I should search more in regional news diaries.

I don't have any hope to find the answers, besides all the "Portuguese community" in the ship died and none of the bodies was recovered. If there aren't answers, I beg the moderators to delete this thread. It would be only occupiing space.

Regards, João

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Jan 4, 2011
Hi! My name is Elisabete Medeiros. I am very interested in finding out if there was any Portuguese from the Azorean Islands in the construction of the ship or as a passenger. If anyone can help me, I would deeply appreciate.

Best regards,


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