Possibility of remaining Titanic survivors

Adam Went

Hey all,

As everybody knows, unfortunately last year we lost our last living link to the Titanic sinking, Millvina Dean, but I had a thought earlier....

Is it possible, maybe just possible, that some very young child who disembarked with their families in Cherbourg or Queenstown, could still be alive??

I know that technically they wouldn't count as "survivors" because they weren't on the boat when it sunk, but atleast they sailed on the ship at some stage, and in the wake of losing our last survivor, it would be fantastic to find out if there was still anybody left.

Does anybody have any information or thoughts about this?
I would think that there are very long odds against this. The identities of all the passengers who went to both Cherbourg and Queenstown is a matter of well documented fact (The passenger list is in the information section of this website) and none are known to be alive today.
Hi Michael,

I did have an admittedly brief look through some of those passenger lists but most seem to be lacking a date of birth or death. After the passing of almost a century, I agree the odds are extremely long, but it could be a possibility....

I actually got the idea because I am related (although it's somewhat complicated and distant) to the Odell and May families that travelled on the Titanic and disembarked at Queenstown. Young Jack Odell was 11 when he travelled on the ship and although he's been gone for some time now, he did live into his 90's, and surely there would have been younger passengers than him travelling cross-channel.

Anyway, just thinking out loud....good research topic though.
>>Anyway, just thinking out loud....good research topic though.<<

You might want to try following it up. It doesn't appear to be an area that's attracted a lot of attention from researchers. Even if they're no longer around, their decendants may have some interesting stories to tell.
Hi Adam,

As far as I am aware there were two other children travelling cross-channel. Eileen Lenox-Conyngham was age 11, and her brother, Denis, was age 10. In addition, William Noel, age 13, was travelling with his father. All three are no longer alive.
best wishes
Thanks, Michael and Craig. I would think that in order for them to realistically be alive today, they would have had to have been 5 or less when they made the crossing. It's unlikely that we will stumble across some 110 year old survivor we never knew about - although that would be fantastic.

I would also suggest that third class passengers would be the best target to start off with, purely because of weight of numbers. Might do some research into it - will be sure to post up anything or anyone I come across.
Well I've done a bit more searching through the passenger list and it's going to be difficult with the passengers who disembarked at Cherbourg or Queenstown because in most cases, ages at the time aren't given, and in many cases, not even first names. So it won't be easy.

Having said that, I came across a survivor of the actual sinking who doesn't have a date of death listed, which raised my curiousity. I know it's highly unlikely that he's been overlooked, but it'd be interesting to know his fate....

That is Viljo Unto Johannes Hamalainen, who was 8 months old at the time of the sinking, was travelling second class, and was rescued in Boat 4.

Does anybody know anything about him?