Possible match on Unidentified Body

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Re; the following description, I think that the man who it describes is Bertram Dean, a third class passenger and father of well-known survivor Milvina Dean- thoughts?

There is only one other passenger with initials BD- a Mr. B. Dakic and he seems to have much too young at the time of the disaster. I dont think that it is a crew member, although possible, im asuming it is not. What do you think?

105 Male - Estimated age, 30.
Hair and moustache, dark.
Buried at sea
Wore blue serge suit and striped shirt marked "B. D." No other aids to identification.
I wonder if there have been any developments in this possible identification, in the two years which have passed since Chris made the suggestion.

For example, is there any reason to positively discount this theory??? Or could this be the correct explanation??

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Jason Bidwell

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The body was buried at sea, so there is no way to confirm it. Bertram Dean is a reasonable suggestion, and nothing we know rules him out. Nothing rules out Branko Dakic either, since bobbing about in the Atlantic for several days could add several years to your appearance.
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