Possible photo of Olympic arriving in New York


May 22, 2016
Hi everybody. Longtime student of Titanic and first-time poster here.

When I was in school, we had an American History textbook featuring this photo in it, for a chapter detailing the arrival of immigrants in the U.S.:

Immigrants view the Statue of Liberty while entering New York harbor... News Photo | Getty Images

Although there is no information given regarding the identity of the ship in the photo (although the image is dated 1915), comparing it with other images and deck plans has led me to believe that this may be, in fact, a photo of the RMS Olympic. Assuming it is, the picture appears to have been taken from the poop deck, overlooking the aft well deck, and also capturing the second-class promenade on B-deck, the first-class promenade on A-deck, and the port-aft corner of the Boat Deck. Even so, I'm not entirely certain that this is indeed a photo of "Old Reliable."

If anyone could help ascertain the identity of the ship in the photo, I would really appreciate it. Thanks!
Mar 18, 2008
Yes that is aboard the Olympic. It shows the aft port side of the well deck (C Deck), B Deck and A Deck.
I think the date 1915 is a mistake, it looks more to be from 1920.