Possible ticketholder

Marty Lester

May 10, 2006
I know the old "my ancestor was supposed to sail on the Titanic, but missed the boat" legends are a dime a dozen, and mostly unprovable, but I'd appreciate any info on the following:

Our family legend has it that my G-Grandfather, Charles Baierlie, a minister from Philadelphia, was supposed to sail on the Titanic but was delayed and missed out. He did cross on the Adriatic from Liverpool shortly thereafter, arriving in New York on April 27, 1912. (I see that the Adriatic then took Mr. Ismay back to England on its return leg, once he was done with the American inquiry.) I have looked on line for any list of ticketholders who did not board without luck. I know no definitive list exists, but if anyone who has access to a partial list could give me some information, I'd appreciate it.

One other question -- in 1912, did the shipping companies work like airlines today, where if you missed a boat, they would put you on the next available from the same carrier? If my ancestor arrived in NY on the Adriatic on April 27, he must have left England on or about the 19th. Considering the coal strike, and the fact that the Olympic was in NY, did any other White Star liner sail from England between the 10th and 19th? Why else would someone who was supposed to sail from Southampton end up in Liverpool?

Thanks for any assistance --
Marty Lester