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Matt Pereira

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I do not know if this has been brought up before but I was looking through my pictures and I think I might have came across a photo that I have seen refered to as Olympic before.

On page 135 of the book Titanic & Her Sisters Olympic & Britannic theres a picture that shows an Olympic class liner in dry dock the description does says its Titanic at the Thompson Dry Dock but I have seen this same photo listed as Olympic before.

I am curious is this really Titanic because I have a photo I saved its a yellowed black and white photo showing the Titanic next to a floating crane. I can see her hull is painted black in some areas and not painted yet in others, Titanic in that photo also shows a catwalk up around the black base of the #4 funnel and the #2 funnel has already been painted black and buff.

The picture in the book shows roughly the same thing #2 funnel painted and #4 funnel with the catwalk around the base of the black part of the funnel. I can also make out what appears to be boards sticking out under the emergency lifeboat fromt he A-Deck promenade deck.

My question is, is this really Titanic? Is it a well known Titanic photo or am I one of the few that picked up on this or is it just mislabled as the Titanic and its really the Olympic?

Matt Pereira

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I checked those two pictures out, I can see a platform under the B deck windows in the picture of Titanic on page 133 but on page 135 I do not see the platform but this is the picture I was refering to I will link it. On page 135 the image of what I am not sure if its the Titanic or not but it has the same catwalk around the base of #4 funnel and #2 funnel is painted and the hull is alittle more painted than in this one but I am just wondering if this photo is of the same ship as on page 135.

Hi Matt, I looked at the photo and my guess is it is the same ship. The B-deck windows are a bit hard to see on the photo but the similarities are there as you say; she looks a little further ahead in painting the hull. So both photos look like Olympic to me.

Matt Pereira

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Ah ok, I was curious about that because I wasnt sure if that could be the Titanic before the forward promenade deck enclosure was added or what, Not sure if Titanic was built with different window spacing on B deck during construction or was an after thought like the enclosure.
Hi Matt, Titanic was launched with the same window spacing as Olympic but this was altered shortly after the launch. There is a photo in David Hutchings' book "Titanic: A Modern Legend / 75 Years of Legend" that shows a starboard view of Titanic with the fore and aft windows on this deck having been gutted, before the new ones were built in. (I say "fore and aft" because there was a middle section of the original windows that remained with the ship). This photo would have been taken at a very early stage in her fitting out as it also shows that her wheelhouse hadn't been built on yet.

I could have sworn that Titanic was originally built with the odd B-deck window spacing. I may be wrong but I think only the A-Deck promenade windows were altered "post-launch".

Matt Pereira

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I wouldnt know. I would have to go back to my photos but I know the promenade deck forward was altered but I think I saw a picture that was Titanic being taken to dry dock just after launching and it appears the aft B deck of Titanic had a longer open promenade deck area but I might be mistaken on that.
When Titanic was launched her B-deck was looking the same as that of her sister Olympic. This was later changed! Nearly the complete B-deck was changed even before the forward part of A-deck was enclosed with the windows.


I also own this book and it is an understatement to say that the captions beneath the images are unreliable.The double page image on p418-419 is captioned as "Britannic" in her hospital ship WWI paint scheme. This is obviously either the Lusitania or Mauretania in the same paint scheme, as evident by her curving bridge and front superstructure, the more typical davits rather than the monstrous crane-like ones fitted aboard Britannic and the liners general completely not an Olympic Class liner look!!

Also on page 212, the caption at the very bottom for the following double page image on pg's 214-215 reads "Olympic's smoke room at the White Swan Hotel..." The picture does show the dining room at the White Swan, however it possesses the fittings of Olympics 1st Class lounge!

Next, on pg 218, there is an image of a dome, which is captioned as "The dome above Olympics main First Class stairway". IT LOOKS NOTHING LIKE IT!

There are numerous other examples, but I think I have made my point! I'm betting anything the image this discussion is about is the Olympic.

(BTW, the book is full of wonderful images, however badly mis-captioned)