Possible wedding on the bow of the titanic

Apr 14, 2001
to all members of the board it is my sad duty to inform you that sometime this month there will be a possible wedding to be performed on the tip of the bow of the titanic i read this in the usa today a few days ago and the british titanic soceity is angry about this and i think we all should be too it would be sick to do something like that and i hope that there will be others who agree with me jennifer mueller
Nov 22, 2000
Jennifer, Yes, I agree with you completely, it's a sad fact that the Titanic seems to attract this sort of undesirable attention, we of the British Titanic Society have also fallen foul of it at times, so please, nobody think that this sort of thing is perculiar to the USA as somebody seemed to imply. What we do have to remember, however, is that the Company in charge of the dive is in the business purely for the sake of making money - they have never made any pretence of being historians or crusaders, and I suppose that if some clown actually wants to be married on the Titanic, they are unlikely to turn down the cost of a dive and more importantly, the media interest that goes with it, it may be an old cliche but there truly is no such thing as bad publicity!
My colleague will be aboard the surface vessel at the time, in preparation for his own dive, so I will report on the "wedding" and no doubt subsequent divorce!

Kate Bortner

May 17, 2001
There is a current thread re: this issue, if you're interested in reading some of the thoughts of other ET members. It's called something like "this has got to be a joke".

David Colton

How can people be so sick?To have a wedding on a ship that I feel is a memorial
to all the victims of the sinking.It makes me sad and angry.

David C.

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