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Pregnant or Conceived on Titanic

Discussion in 'Passenger Research' started by Glenda Bowling, Dec 13, 1999.

  1. I know that Mrs. Astor was pregnant on the ship. What happened to her baby. Were any of the other women pregnant and what happened to their babies?

    [See The unborn babies of the Titanic for a list of those Titanic passengers that were pregnant on the Titanic and Titanic victims who became fathers posthumously.]
  2. Gavin Bell

    Gavin Bell Member

    Please contact me personally regarding this.


    Cameron Bell
  3. Jeffrey

    Jeffrey Member

    Mrs Astor's son, John Jacob Astor VI (Jack Astor's brother, William, had the fifth John Jacob) was close to his mother. When she died, she left him nothing, feeling that the £600,000/$3,000,000 bond his father left him was ample enough. He always felt cheated after that, so he dropped the 'VI' from his name and was simply known from then on as John Astor. A little greedy, would you not agree? His obituary and, I think, death certificate (provided by Phillip Gowan) is in Mrs Astor's biography. I hope this is of some help to you (sources are Judith B. Geller's book, 'Titanic: Women and Children First').
  4. And a correction to the statement of William being John Jacob Astor IV's brother; he was his cousin.
  5. I posted this message in another area, so I don't know if anyone will see it. I know Kate F. Phillips had a child that was possibly conceived on the voyage. Does anyone know the name of the other woman who had a child that was possibly conceived on the Titanic? Thanks for any info...
  6. It is possible it was Helen W. Bishop. Their son was born in December of 1912 and died within two days.
  7. Thanks, Rachel
  8. Phillip Gowan

    Phillip Gowan Senior Member

    There was another possibility. Edward and Ethel Beane both survived the sinking and Ethel gave birth to a stillborn son on January 10, 1913, exactly 9 months from Titanic's launch date.
  9. Were there any honeymooners on board?
  10. Mike Herbold

    Mike Herbold Member

    That's another subject, but FYI, if you go back to the main page and type in honeymoon in the Find box, you'll find your message and quite a few others.
  11. I know Mrs. Astor was pregnant, but is there any listing of who else might have been? Or if any babies were conceived while on board the Titanic?
  12. Dan Cherry

    Dan Cherry Active Member

    There are two people known today whose mothers were pregnant with them en voyage: Maria Salvata Del Carlo and Ellen Mary (Betty) Phillips.

    Hope this helps!
  13. Don't forget Mrs Backstrom.
  14. Pat Cook

    Pat Cook Member

    Another woman 'with child' was 2nd Class passenger Mary (Mayme) Corey,
  15. Mike Herbold

    Mike Herbold Member

    Robert Bracken and Michael Findlay wrote an article entitled "Titanic's very youngest survivors" in the Titanic International periodical "Voyage," issue 27 in the winter of 1998. You could probably still buy a copy of that back issue through their website.

    They list eleven woman who were pregnant:

    In First Class:
    1-Madeleine Astor, who gave birth to John Jacob Astor V;
    2-Helen Bishop, who gave birth to a boy on December 9, 1912, but he died the next day;
    3-Marion Kenyon, who lost her child;
    4-Mary Farquharson Marvin, who had a daughter named Margaret;
    5-Eloise Smith, who delivered a son on November 29, 1912, named for his father Lucian Smith.

    In Second Class:
    6-Kate Phillips, who gave birth to Ellen Mary Walker on January 11, 1913;
    7-Argene Genovesi Del Carlo, who had her daughter Maria Salvata Del Carlo on November 14, 1912;
    8-Juliette Laroche, whose son Joseph Lemercier Laroche, was born on December 17, 1912;
    9-Adele Nasser, whose baby died shortly after birth in December 1912;
    10-Ada Mary West had a son in the latter part of 1912;

    And the only known passenger in third class:
    11-Hannah O'Brien, who had a daughter named Marion on November 21, 1912 (In "The Irish Aboard Titanic," Senan Molony gives the date as September 3rd).

    Mathilda Backstrom is not mentioned in the article and neither is Mary Corey.

    Assuming all this information is correct, that makes at least thirteen ladies who were pregnant when the Titanic went down.
  16. Pat Cook

    Pat Cook Member

    Mike just sent me an email about Mary Corey so, after answering him, I thought I'd post this here as well. For those interested, I got my info from a newspaper article. You can read it in it's entirety at:


    Best regards,
  17. Hi Mike and Pat,

    Thanks for posting the list, Mike, although there have been a few additions and corrections to the article. Bob and I wrote that about three years ago and it needs an update.

    Pat, many thanks for sending the Corey data. Much appreciated!


    Mike Findlay
  18. Ben Holme

    Ben Holme Member

    Thankyou Pat for posting that link. Fascinating information!


  19. Dave Hudson

    Dave Hudson Member

    According to Mike's list, Kate Phillips had her child in January of 1913. That put the date of conception in April! Is it possible that Ellen was conceived on board?
  20. Pat Cook

    Pat Cook Member

    Indeed, this is Betty Walker's (the child) claim - that she was conceived on the Titanic. There is a story regarding a necklace with a large jewel that goes with this. On display a few years back, the trinket was said to have been given by Morley to Kate onboard the ship. In the exhibition (at the time I read about it, the show was in Australia - Inger Sheil, in fact, saw it), the necklace was called "The Love of the Sea".

    Best regards,