Previews of new Titanic Model in Ship Simulator 2008


Jason De Donno


Here are some deck shots of the new Titanic model I'm working on for the new version of Ship Simulator (Ship Simulator 2008). There's some railing to add, and the rigging is not done yet - what you see here is just a rough rigging model.

Lounge Roof:
Full Size Image

Officers Area:
Full Size Image

The final model will render in real-time as a working ship, with a fully working bridge. It will be possible to walk around on the decks and promenades, and in order to get access to the aft well deck and poop, there will be 2nd class staircase interior.

Full interior will be released as an add-on later.

Wow, those are superb images, Jason! Thank you for sharing them.
really nice, especially considering it's going into a game engine, however, how will the lightning inside the game work compared to you current renders? I see that you do make a good use of shadowing in those images. But I also remember the other version using quite a dull lightning on the ship in the game.

Thanks. We use lightmaps for the shadow effects. The aim is to get it looking the same, but some objects won't be lightmapped, mostly dark objects such as bollards and capstans. All the decks and walls will be lightmapped, and hopefully everything that's white.
It's a fine model. Very pleased to see that in the next edition it will be possible to 'walk' on the after decks. Hopefully also it will be possible to 'climb' up the short external stairways leading to the raised decking above the smoke room and lounge? And maybe the external ladders connecting some of the upper decks - would save a lot of footwork!

In external view mode, it would be great if it were possible to centre the viewing angle on locations other than just the Bridge.
Jason I'll reply here instead with an additional question

As for my model, it should have somewhere about 325 000 faces without the docks and animated crowd etc. last time I checked, but whenever I'll take the time to optimize it I can bring it down quite alot, and then I mean alot since some objects like my railings are to dense in polycount.
how about you game-engine optimized one?

Would you mind render more hires (atleast 1000x500 or similar) images of the ENTIRE ship so I can look more closely?
>Hopefully also it will be possible to 'climb'
>up the short external stairways leading to the
>raised decking above the smoke room and lounge?"

Oh Yes! It's not just eye candy :)

>And maybe the external ladders
>connecting some of the upper decks -
>would save a lot of footwork!

No. That would require ladder functionality programming and as far as I know there isn't any of that.

There will be some new instruments on the bridge though, the brass telegraphs will shine :)

We're pushing about 600,000 unique and a further 600,000 instanced with this one, that's around 1.2 million total. That's the optimized version....

I'll see if a can render one for you later tonight.
oh thats intressting, I'm at about 1.35million with the entire crowds and the docks. I do however not have the several deck details that are visible when you "walk" around the ship that you obviosly need to focus on ;)

I'm also curious, the game engine, are you pushing for new technologies in it? as far as water effects, different material effects are concerned? bassicly getting an overall better look? How poly dense scenes can it actually handle?

and thx for looking into rendering new overall images later
We'll be using some pretty cool effects but nothing revolutionary. There will be new ocean waves, open sea and so on. The game engine can handle very dense poly scenes - hence I can get away with this massive model!!
Emil: Here's the full ship. I made this render just now. It's NOT completely assembled here. Many windows missing from aft deck houses, and other things.

Whole ship

Just for comparison, my Turkish Bath Cooling Room model is over 7 million polygons, and my Boiler Room 5 & 6 model is almost 9 million.

Parks: I saw some of your work on Marconigraph. And your telegraphs ages ago. Great stuff - but I have to ask you, what kind of software and computer are you using? I mean my PC would just die if I tried to render nine million polygons in a viewport using 3D Studio Max.

Since this model has to work in real time, the idea is to get the polygon count as low as possible. Even so, we're pushing the limits with 1.2 million. The interiors will have about 1/10th the polycount as yours.

Here's a nice one of the bridge area. The collapsibles suck, and the funnels are just basic at the moment.

Bridge area
Jason, just a thought but when you get done with all these renderings, you might want to consider putting them up on a website of your own if you can afford it. The only one I know of who had a dedicated 3-D website devoted to the Titanic...both exteriors and interiors...was David Clarke, and he hasn't done much with it in a very long time.

I think it would fill a very useful niche.