PRICE OF FAME The Lusitania's Titanic survivor

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Jim Kalafus

Dec 3, 2000
Today, we placed a chapter from our coming article online here at ET.

Mrs. Rose Ellen Murray, the wife of a U.S. Navy captain, loved ships. She also loved the spotlight. Unquestionably a Lusitania survivor, she added surviving the Titanic ~ which, she hadn't~ to her autobiography. And, if the press met whatever ship she was traveling aboard, to interview a celebrity, she was not shy at all about putting herself forward as a Passenger of Note.

She became the sort of Human Interest Story that the press loved putting on inside pages of the papers, to fill unsold advertizing space.

Then, in 1935, someone who did not like Mrs. Murray, used her questionable autobiography to wreak a particularly grim form of vengeance.

We knew Mrs. Murray from her somewhat loopy roaring '20s press conferences. so, when we stumbled across the punchline quite by accident, it was a shock. But, somehow, not entirely unexpected.....
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