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Patti Pearson-Kotz

What was the price of the tickets for all classes in American money? And what would they be at todays rate?

Haiko Blikian


In 1912 1st class rate was around $3000, a little up or down(that would be $60,000 in todays market). And a third class rate was $35 which is around $650 in todays value. But i dont have figures for second class.....I would guess its somewhere in between. Hope this helps!!

PS. If im not very accurate on these, may someone correct me.


Jim Trebowski

Hi..actually 1st class started at about thirty pounds...which is about $150..then. Thats about $2600 in todays money. The Parlour Suites were around $3000-4300..around $50,000 to $75,000 in todays money. 2nd class was about 20 pounds, or One Hundred American Smackers...about $1700 in todays moneys. Hope this helps.
Jul 20, 2000
Hi all,

I have no idea of the conversion to today's rates; but the Minimum 1st Class fare was 26 pounds = $130 US. You could reduce that by 3 pounds = $15 by: "taking your passage entirely without meals in the regular Dining Saloon". For fares 35 pounds = $175 and upwards the rebate was 5 pounds = $25.

For the Intermediate Season (which is when Titanic sailed) the Advertized rates were: Parlour Suites on C-deck $1,775 for 1 or 2 passengers ($50 for each additional passenger); those on B-deck $3,300 for 1 or 2 passengers and a Servant. The Suites of Rooms on B-deck cost $1,520 for 1 or 2 passengers and a Servant ($50 for each additional person). Single-berth rooms cost from $150 to $300. A berth in 3-berth room on decks C; D and E cost from Minimum to $160; with most being above the Minimum.

According to a 2nd Class Rates booklet fares were 13 pounds = $65 per adult. - The outside rooms on D-deck were 13 pounds 10 shillings = $67.50 per adult.

Hope this helps,
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