Princess Sophia

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Mike Poirier

Dec 12, 1999
Hi folks:
This is more of a book recommendation.
There is a fairly new book out by Betty O'Keefe called ' The Final Voyage of the Princess Sophia: Did they all have to die? '
It is the tale of a little Canadian liner who sailed the treacherous Alaskan waters and ended up striking Vanderbilt reef. Rescue efforts could have been a complete success, but the captain of the Sophia wanted to wait for bigger ships. Unfortunately, a terrible storm sent the rescue boats scurrying for shelter. When they went back, the Sophia had been washed off the reef and all the passengers had perished.
Not much would have been known about the passengers final hours, except that a number of them wrote letters as they were stranded and those letters were found on the victim's bodies.
Fantastic snapshots of the ship stranded on the reef greatly enhance this book.

David Zeni

Mike & Geoff: Yes, the photos were excellent. By the way, Merlin Films, producer of "Journey To Oblivion", a 92-minute, award-winning documentary about the Empress of Ireland, is producing a documentary about the Princess Sophia. If anyone has material, letters, photos, etc., contact Michel Prevost, Producer, Merlin Films 6765 Molson, Montreal, Quebec H1Y 3C6 Phone 514-721-4416.
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