Principessa Mafalda

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Does anybody remember or has some info on the Italian liner that capsized in 1927, Principessa Mafalda. A lot of people where saved but still 300 lives where taken with the beautiful liner when she capsized and sank.
Mafalda Equatorial Crossing Certificate. Will post interior photos Sunday.



If you search, there is a HUGE Mafalda site online, with a URL I cannot recall.

I recently bought a piece of Argentine sheet music, Hero of the Mafalda, which I will also post Sunday.
Thanks Dave for the account in Italian
...LOL...only thing is...i don't speak a word of italian. I'm half dutch, Half italian, but unfortunately i never learned italian, i spoke french with my father so too bad i can't read the account...Italian, Chinese it's all the same pour moi!
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