Print signed by Millvina Dean

Could it be the Titanic’s so Elusive mystery lights are revealed? In 1999 an event took place at The West Edmonton Mall that brought together for the first time a Titanic survivor Mrs. Millvina E.G.Dean and an actual witness to the Titanic tragedy on that cold dark April night of April 15th 1912 Mrs. Elizabeth Smith. The outcome of the meeting was an item only to be release for the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. See for yourselves and you be the judge.
If anyone claims to know all titanic mysteries, should check out this web site
I believe many other secrets will be revealed as we get closer to the anniversary. My name is Perry Duquette and I was not only one of the event coordinators for Mrs. Millvina E.G. Dean, but as it turned out, she became a very good friend in the end. While having lunch at her home in 1998, I was surprised to see how humble Millvina lived. After dinner, Millvina and Bruno Nordmanis "her good friend" sat in the small living room and talked about life in general. Yes Titanic made up of 40% of the topic, but more sow the aftermath. When all was said and done, we parted ways until we reunited in Alberta for a fund raising event at The West Edmonton Mall. I really have a problem with the fact that Millvina died in poverty. The charities, the communities, the people who abused her all got rich. I still can hear her say...and I quote..."OH heck I don’t care, I'm having a whale of a time" end of quote. That was her reply to my question about why she was not getting paid a royalty on items signed for the purpose of profit. Later it broke my heart to see her in her little cage they put her in where she spent the rest of her life? Having to sell some rare items to cover her rent? I truly thank the gentlemen who purchased an item just to give it back to him. Sir...You are a gentlemen and a scholar, Thank you. I wish I could have done more for my cherished friend. I have so many photos of us together. I will never forget you my friend. May your soul rest in peach alongside your father Bertram, brother Bertram jr. and Mom Ettie. Your ship has arrived. RIP.
As Millvina's event coordinator in Edmonton I promised to Millvina as to her wish. That I would only release the last edition of Titanic The Rescue for the up-coming anniversary of the sinking. All those who wish to keep the memories alive should check out the item The Rescue at The reason for this is what we talked about at her home regarding the mystery lights. I also authorized the number one to be auctioned off on ebay starting on the 16th of November for 10 days only. This is a friendly memo to all my Titanic friends of Encyclopidia Titanica. The Rescue holds many secrets waiting to be reveled.
For those who wish to check out the Rescue on eBay please go to. item=230703038561
As part of another promise to my friend Millvina Dean the funds raised from the Rescue will go to keep The Titanic alive . Thank you to all my friends at Encyclopedia Titanica.

Perry Duquette
This article on the New York Times website

says that, as of April 16th 1912, the Saturnia had been anchored several miles west of Cape Sable "all day" due to fog. It would be impossible for her to have got from the wreck site to the area of Cape Sable in a day.
OK, for those who wish to dispute the facts regarding the Saturnia, you might find this link helpfull. PLEASE COPY AND PASTE THE WHOLE LINK BELOW IN THE ADDRESS LINE. "INCLLUDE THE WHOLE LINK FROM HTTP TO OPEN DOCUMENT"!OpenDocument

This is official documentation recorded by official ships registry office in Alberta BC Canada. I cut and pasted it to help the skeptics....

Reel # Ship Name Departure Arrival
T-4826 SATURNIA Glasgow, Scotland 1912-04-06 St. John, N.B. 1912-04-18
(DND) Donaldson Bros., Glasgow, U.K.

This is on microfish film
number T-4825, also a Saint John arrival. The SATURNIA had 11 Canadian
arrivals in 1912.

Depending on where you are in western Canada, you may have access to this
passenger list without having to order it from Ottawa by Inter Library
Loan. Both the Provincial Archives of Alberta in Edmonton and the Calgary
Public Library have copies of this film.

Millvina's passport shows from Glasgow with a Saint John's arrival date April 18th 1912 aboard The Saturnia. Now if anyone claims to be more accurate than the OFFICIAL SHIPS REGISTRY, then more power to you. I will not address this issue again as I am way to busy. What I will say to all the skeptics out there...If you still don't believe...I'm fine with that, because I'm not the one to miss the boat!

Perry Duquette
OK I will help you guys out here. Did you know that there were two Saturnia? check this out this link...

Saturnia & Vulcania

The Vulcania and Saturnia were owned by the Italian Line. The Saturnia started operation in 1927 and the Vulcania finally sailed in December of 1928; both were built by Cantiere Navale Triestino in Monfalcone, Italy. Each weighed about 23,970 tons and were considered sisters. From the information that I have found, they were near identical. The ships cruised on the North and South Atlantic runs. Each ship shared in conservative decorations at the time. This was odd because the trend for liners at the time was heading for the Art Deco style. that was so popular on the French ships.


Information on the ships' history is hard to come by. Although, I have seen it associated with other liners. The Vulcania played a key, well a small, role in the maiden voyage of the Italian liner Rex. To the embarrassment of Italian line officials, the new Rex had lost power during her maiden voyage. For one hour the ship was filled with darkness. The engineers worked hard to get power up again. After limping into the port of Gibraltar, passengers waited for three days to continue their trip. On the second day of waiting, the Vulcania steamed into port. She contained important parts for the Rex and supplied passage for those passengers who needed it.

The Saturnia and Vulcania were two of four Italian Line ships to survive the second World War. The Saturnia also served the United States as the hospital ship Frances Y. Slanger. Many of the more beautiful appointments were taken off and never restored after the war. The number of passengers that the ship carried also decreased from 2,100 to 1,300. During the restoration for passenger use, the ships' engines were replaced with Sulzer diesils, that were outfitted for the sisters' twin screw layout. The ships were now capable of a 21 knot speed.

After a 39 year run, the Saturnia was scrapped in 1966 in her birth place of Italy. The Vulcania also meet her fate in the '60s. She was said to have burned in Hong Kong harbor.

First Class Links

Vulcania's Ballroom, as in the late 1920's. Saturnia's Lounge, 1920's.
Saturnia's First Class Pool, 1930's. Saturnia's Dining Room, early 1930's.
Deluxe Cabin, on board the Saturnia, 1930's Music Room, aboard the Vulcania, 1920's

The Saturnia that Elizabeth Smith was aboard could have never held 1000 passengers. Check out the photo! Now check out The other Italian Saturnia sister ship of the Vulcania see photo

In any case, I will end this debate by saying Legal documentation, Official Ship Registry, Passport and Immigrations...DONT LIE! THINK ABOUT IT!
To conclude check out the following insert images. Those who doubt the authenticity of The Rescue, must understand that one day they will find out the truth and it will be too late. The Rescue hold's a deeper secret than the eye can see.

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Hi Michael, You are not dense. Only the Italian line Saturnia launched in 1927. The other Saturnia from the Donaldson line launched in 1910 and That is the one Mrs. Elizabeth Smith was on and became the only eye witness to the flares of distress from Titanic to meet face to face with Youngest Titanic survivor Millvina Dean. And bothe signed the image The Rescue.see

I know it is confusing, but check out the site and I am sure you will understand.

Perry Duquette

Mark Baber

Staff member
Millvina's passport shows from Glasgow with a Saint John's arrival date April 18th 1912 aboard The Saturnia.


P.S. This message and all those above it were originally part of an unrelated thread in a different topic.
The fact that Mrs.Smith was the only eye witness to see the "flares" says a lot. Many witnesses on ships came forward claiming to see the Titanic that night; the Samson, the Victorian and so on. Faulty memories, or just a mischievious desire for publicity explain these spurious sightings.

The New York Times article makes it clear that she had been stuck in fog on the 16th; it she was also stuck in fog on the 17th, this would explain her date of arrival. Also, the New York Times says that this was the Donaldson line ship.

Finally, "The Rescue" shows the Titanic firing flares with the Carpathia in the foreground. No one on the Carpathia claimed to have seen the the distress signals on that ship.
Just to throw in my 5c worth, The New York Times of 26 April 1912 quotes Captain Taylor of Saturnia as saying his ship was 400 miles from Titanic when she sank.
Another 5C!

There was nothing odd or secretive about Saturnia's voyage, as implied on the web site. She's on the Marconi radio chart for the month. She was supposed to reach Cape Sable on 17 April.