Print signed by Millvina Dean

Good Morning. The whole Editions bear’s all three signatures. In addition all artist proofs, elite numbers and the 12 canvas edition, bears the signatures personally signed by the publisher with the artist. However the edition of the Rescue with the exception of the one on eBay is not being released to the general market yet. The one on eBay is just an opening promotion to introduce the long awaited series that will conclude Titanic the legacy's Collection. Please feel free to contact me anytime, and thank you for your interest. For those who wish to find out more of The Rescue and the possible secret it holds. I highly recommend to Google ENCYCLOPEDIA TITANICA and see what The Rescue may have in common with the mystery lights? Here's a teaser...The SATURNIA that Elizabeth Smith was on only had 11 passengers as it was not a cruise ship but a merchandising vessel and belonged to The Donaldson Ship Lines and arrived in Saint John's on April 18th 1912. NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH THE SATURNIA LAUNCHED IN 1927 AND OWN BY THE ITALIAN LINE SISTER SHIP OF THE VULCAN! NOW…LET THE MYSTERY BEGIN? For those who can read between the lines...Think about it. I will be revealing some very important secrets via my book entitled, "Titanic The Aftermath" As a promise to Millvina while at her home, It was her wish not to release it until She sailed home for good to her family. She said and I quote "Don't you go and release it while I'm still on this earth cause I’m having too much fun now, I don't need the headaches" End of quote. I intend to release not only the book but the film and tapes I took that night in 1998. SORRY MY TITANIC FANATIC FRIENDS...YOU HAVE TO WAIT!


Courtesy of the publisher Perry Duquette
If you read the actual New York Times It just confirms the SATURNIA was in Saint John’s on April 18th 1912! Thus proving all the above facts regarding The Rescue.

Obviously you are not reading the facts. Like I said Elizabeth Smith arrived in Saint John’s on April 18th 1912, how clear is that? SATURNIA left Elizabeth got on the SATURNIA from Glasgow and arrived in Saint John's where Elizabeth got off. New Passengers boarded in Saint John's and were stuck there. I really don't know how difficult it is to see this! My 12 year old has no problem with it. In any case, I extended my explanation way too long on trying to justify this. It is very self explanatory. Those who refuse to believe...More power to you. Those who believe the skeptics, over someone who has been involved in all Titanic issues for over 40 years, is a reliable publisher of the Titanic, who is not only a publisher but was a close friend to Millvina Dean, then...So be it! Did you know that the Titanic had 172,135 rivets that were made with various metals that buckled due to that fact? I know I know...Only a true fanatic would know that, LOL.

Perry Duquette
Perry, we don't dispute the fact that the Saturnia arrived in St John on April 18th. What we are disputing is what she did before this. The New York Times says she was stuck in fog on April 16th. There is no way she could have got to Sable Island from the wrecksite in a day. Other ships in the area were also hindered by the fog in the area.
Another 5C worth!

Saturnia could in fact carry up to 1,200 passengers in two classes. Ellis Island records show that she often carried a good deal fewer, but she certainly didn't carry a dozen.
And the New York Times article mentions that she was carrying nearly 900 passengers when fogbound on April 16th. If I'm reading it right. Unlike Perry, I don't have a 12-year old handy to check my deductions.
Ramsay, I am not YET saying that the Saturnia was the mystery lights. But here is food for taught! Check out this web site.

Please take the time to analyze the details, especially the maritime radius in which the flares could be seen. Now Saturnia left Glasgow on the 10th, in the early morning, and arrived on the 18th of April in Saint John's. It was reported to be in Sable Island on the 16th. This is recorded. So now here is the mystery. Bare with me. That would mean that it must have sailed the normal maritime route through the ice fields! Do the math! You must agree that after almost 4 to 5 days of sailing she must have been within the circle at one point in time between April 13th and April 16th. That's assuming SATURNIA’S departure was early and arrived late on the 16th! Then here is the mystery...Why is Saturnia not even mentioned in any of the vessels within the complete circle the Night Titanic sank? Go to the very bottom of the linked page and check it out. Also look at all the mentioned vessels in the chart! You have to admit there is something wrong here! For years I have investigated the Mystery lights. As you scroll down the linked page, you will notice that it is an ongoing 100 year topic still under investigation because things do not jive with the so many reports some accurate, some totally false, some unintentional clerical errors. But one thing is for sure, Elizabeth Smith was on the Saturnia the night Titanic sank, this I have no doubt what so ever. This cannot be argued, as immigration travel documents cannot be wrong. If what I believe via my investigation proves to be true, and I am not saying it is now. It will crack the case of the mystery lights and bring to an end, one of the most intriguing topics since the sinking of Titanic. I am not finish the quest yet; I am waiting for a copy of the SATURNIA’S official navigation’s log book which will track the vessel’s day by day location between April 10th and April 18th 1912. I am also waiting for other facts that I cannot disclose. In any case I leave you with this, but check out the link and please go over it and I am sure you will find it very odd. As Molder would say…The Truth is out there! LOL.

Last but not least...Ramsay, or anyone else in that matter. I would like to say...I am very open to all suggestions. If you can provide some insight to this mystery, I welcome it. Sometimes after years of looking at possible explanations, and analyzing the charts one could miss the obvious that fresh eyes could see. If you do however shed some light on the mystery, I would be glad to include your input in my book. Have fun while embarking on a journey into the past. But I forewarn you...make sure you have lots of aspirins handy, LOL.



According to Google Maps, the distance from the wreck to Cape Sable Island is 698 nautical miles. The Saturnia was west of the island on April 16th, and the Titanic sank on the previous day. How can a 14 knot ship, which could cover 336 miles in one day at top speed, manage to cover over double this in the same space of time?