Proper Debris field Mapping and where to find it?


I have recently been trying to look for proper mapping of the Titanic's Debris field (other than the Sonar)

Here's two that I'm interested in:

1. The map from Titanic: The Final Word with James Cameron. While Parks Stephenson talks, this map, with labeling, shows up. However, it is too small to read.

in the same Documentary, this physical map is shown, which they use for reference

It clearly marks the base of the Fourth Funnel, The Galley remnant, the Number 1 Boilers, and a "Tangle of Debris". Is there a digital version of this?

2. The French Map of Titanic's Debris Field

Is there an English version? I have looked everywhere, and couldn't find it. And the odd thing is is that I saw an English version somewhere a couple of months ago.
Are there other detailed maps as well?
Thanks for reading.
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