Public "Olympic" Information Request

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Jan 5, 2001
This is a public request for assistance.

I am currently working on a writing project which is a biography of Olympic in which I aim to give her the detail she deserves as the pioneer ship of this amazing class and the first ‘superliner.’

Any unusual anecdotes pertaining to the Olympic or other interesting little-known details that people may like to share with me would be much appreciated. Any information used will be gratefully appreciated and thankfully acknowledged. If anybody would like to share such information, please feel free to contact me if you wish at one of the following addresses:

[email protected]
[email protected]

Before I close, I would like to give the webmaster Phil Hind my many thanks for permitting me to post this appeal here.

Many thanks and good wishes.

Mark Chirnside.
Dec 31, 2000
WOW Mark!
That will be a heavy undertaking! I can't wait to read it. I think the best one for Olympic information would be would be our friend in Scotland, Stuart Kelly. I know that his website is being revamped. I believe it is
Stuart is a wealth of knowledge and pictures too!
Good luck Mark, I wish I had some information to share.


Deleted member 173198


Not one hundred per cent sure whether you received my e-mail yesterday.

I have noticed inside the pages of the Roll Call duties a large portion of Crew names that originate from Southampton. The majority served on the board the Olympic.

Are you still interested in obtaining this additional selection of names which might be able to give you further assistance for the future publication of your title.

Best wishes

Andrew W.
Jan 5, 2001
Hi Andrew!

Thanks for the post -- I did receive an e-mail from you yesterday afternoon, I think, but perhaps my reply went astray. (I still don't trust that e-mail system!

I am interested in the selection of names -- thank you very much for the offer. I'll re-send the e-mail reply soon.

Unfortunately, I will be unable to access the internet for much of next week, but when I can access the net I can continue. (I'm throwing myself into my research again.
The work's pages are into three figures already.)

Best regards,

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