Pulled from the water

Dave Gittins

Mar 16, 2000
Nicole, it was only a movie and Cameron got it wrong. The number pulled from the water was more like 14-16, some of whom later died. The matter is confused because some men claimed to be pulled from the water in order to avoid admitting they simply got into a lifeboat.
Feb 23, 2006
Thanks for your input, guys! Yeah, I didn't quite trust the numbers, but I thought I'd check. Thanks again!

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Talira Greycrest

Most of the people who entered the -2C water that night would have been dead within half an hour. Heat is lost faster in water than it is in air. From what I've read recently, roughly 20% of the victims died within 5 minutes from cold shock. Another 50% died within 15-30 minutes from cold incapacitation (the inability to use or control limbs).

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