QE 2 The View From OnBoard Her Final Year

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Funnel Bar...a pleasant spot for an isolated afternoon tea.
Not to mention a great spot for a sailaway party, with "one of the longest conga lines on the ship".

Only philistines and Americans like it chilled. The alcohol content of this beverage can be very high.

I got tipsy on Apple Cider when I was 8. A friend of my Grandma's used to chill hers, she being a American in the creek by her house so as not to get it too cold and my brother and I got into it.
Stunted my growth but it was good and sweet.
>And there are few miseries known to man or woman, Deborah, that can equal the effect of having too much scrumpy! :)

...too much Rotgut.

So, now I know what 'Scrumpy' is, although I've not heard that name for it before. Can Scrumpy give one 'Jake Leg' in perpetuity?

>Not to mention a great spot for a sailaway party, with "one of the longest conga lines on the ship"

On our crossing, it seemed to be under used. Which, in and of itself was pleasant...no jockeying for seats or crowding during tea.

Was surprised at how little I acquired on this crossing in the way of souvenirs. I have a few hours of video, about 100 photos, and little else tangible from the ship, other than the shot glasses, menus, and my two journals.
>>Scores of evenings out, before heart-smart and the influx of nouvelle cuisine, permanently soured me on Alfredo.<<

Point taken. It's not something I'm hoovering up everyday. Not when I'm trying to keep my cholesterol and triglycerides down to something that would be taken as reasonable. Great for the occasional indulgence but I'm more into low or no fat whenever possible.

I suppose that the QE2's menu wouldn't have thrilled my doctor. Even in the austere version, it's not exactly heart smart, but for a holiday, I wouldn't be overly concerned with it.
Jim, if 'Jake Leg' implies inability to walk in a straight line then no, scrumpy will not cause this problem. Over-consumption results in no mobility at all (except for the muscles surrounding both ends of the alimentary canal).
Jake Leg was a scary side effect of prohibition era homebrew. Nerve damage caused by scrumpy or its variants (paint thinner...eating sterno....wood alcohol mixed with NearBeer)gave people 'jake leg' which was a permanently wobbly gait and uncontrollable leg spasms. In my youth there were still elderly Jake Legs around, but that particular living memorial to The Great Experiment now seems to have passed into history.
From BYM:

UK. Cunard Line's QE2's final voyage from Southampton

Cunard Line has unveiled plans to mark QE2's final departure from her home port of Southampton on Tuesday 11 November 2008. After 39 years of service, which have seen QE2 sail 5.9 million nautical miles, complete 806 transatlantic crossings, carry over 2.5 million guests, undertake 25 World Cruises and answer her country's call during the Falklands Campaign, QE2 will leave Cunard service following this final voyage from Southampton to Dubai where she will become a first class hotel and entertainment centre.

The highlight of 11 November will be a farewell visit by His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh, who will be making his seventh visit to the most famous ship in the world.
Details at http://www.bymnews.com/news/newsDetails.php?id=45413
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