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QE2 Final Calls SendOff Plans

Discussion in 'Queen Elizabeth 2' started by John Clifford, Sep 30, 2007.

  1. John Clifford

    John Clifford Member

    I know I stated this on another thread, but what gets me, about the articles, is that it sounds like the QE2 will be withdrawn from service in April or May; never mind that she has several Northern Europe and Mediterranean Sea cruises planned, before the start of her final voyage, in November.
  2. Sounds to me as if some of the media types aren't bothering to check their facts, John. It's not as if that's a first!
  3. Dave Gittins

    Dave Gittins Member

    If any of you are on board QE2 on Sunday 2 March, keep an eye open for a small white yacht with a bright yellow deck and cabin top.

    She's my own Chloe II and she'll be at Outer Harbor, Port Adelaide, to see you off.

    The forecast is for excellent weather, with moderate sea breezes.

    Welcome to Adelaide!
  4. Jerry Nuovo

    Jerry Nuovo Member

    Because Cunard has goofed and cancelled the October 22,2008 Westbound Transatlantic Crossing of the QM2 because Cunard had to schedule the QM2 for a shipyard refit that will last for a few weeks,I had to cancel the October 16,2008 Eastbound Crossing aboard the QE2 because I was planning to return to the U.S.A. aboard the QM2 on October 22,2008.Now that the QM2's Westbound Crossing on October 22,2008 has been canceled and I despise airline travel to get back to America,which means I have already done my last voyage aboard the QE2 on January 9,2006.But at least I did reschedule to go aboard the QM2 FOR A Eastbound Transatlantic Crossing on October 4,2008 and a Westbound Transatlantic Crossing aboard the QM2 on October 10,2008 and the QE2 will join the QM2 on that October 10th Westbound Transatlantic Crossing,So at least I can wave good-bye to the QE2 from the deck of the QM2.This will be the final Westbound Transatlantic Crossing of the QE2.
  5. Dave Gittins

    Dave Gittins Member

    I've just got back from seeing QE2.

    I would have liked to stay until she left and photographed her at sea, but the wind was lighter than forecast and I have to get back to my club marina before it gets dark.

    QE2 looked as good as ever. It's sad to see her go, but such is life, as Ned Kelly said before they hanged him.

    Some of her passengers came up to St Kilda, where my club is, to explore the mangroves and see the bird life, which is particularly rich. An unusual choice, but an interesting one.
  6. >>It's sad to see her go, but such is life, as Ned Kelly said before they hanged him.<<

    At least the ship isn't suffering the equivalant of the same fate. I just hope the new owners don't muck things up they way they parties with the Queen Mary have.
  7. From BYM Maritime:

    QE2's farewell season marked by final calls to favourite ports
    Full story at http://www.bymnews.com/news/newsDetails.php?id=23663
  8. John Clifford

    John Clifford Member

    Did anyone get over to see the QE2 at the Asian Ports??

    Next week the ship will be in Hawaii, for anyone who might be having extended spring break plans.

    For me, it is now 9 days until the ship comes to Los Angeles for the last time; will have to take plenty of pictures.
  9. I'll be down as well, having lunch on-board, and then taking video of her final L.A. sailaway.

    I hope L.A. does her proud, she deserves it.
  10. John Clifford

    John Clifford Member

    Kyle, look for a boat called SPIRIT.

    I will be one of 100 passengers on board, as we join the other craft in escorting out the QE2.
  11. John Clifford

    John Clifford Member

    It is now 6:25 AM here in LA; the QE2 is now at the Port of Los Angeles.

    I will try to get some pictures this morning, and will be getting on an escort ship this afternoon, to see the ship depart.

    While I am at the Port of Los Angeles, about 10 miles from my home, I will try to see if I can spot where my cabin, for an upcoming voyage, is.

    Also, the group that booked the charter boat called SPIRIT is having a celebratory dinner tonight; will look forward to that, too.
  12. Jerry Nuovo

    Jerry Nuovo Member

    John,enjoy yourself aboard the charter boat SPIRIT.I am looking forward to seeing the pictures of the QE2 leaving L.A. tonight.
  13. John Clifford

    John Clifford Member

    I will have to post my thoughts about the QE2's day in Los Angeles, on Sunday.

    I was somewhat disappointed by the events, but I had an enjoyable time.

    I scanned my digital pictures, and will have to post them here, later on; am at work right now.

    In the meantime, if anyone else was at the Port of Los Angeles on Sunday, let me know your thoughts.
  14. Hello John,

    Yes, L.A. failed to give QE2 the proper farewell she truly deserved.
    Not even a single fireboat salute.

    And her departure down the channel in reverse was strange, but understandable given that the container ship EVER URANUS ~giggle~ was berthed opposite QE2 thus reducing QE2's turning radius.

    But, I was priveledged to be invited aboard for luncheon and a reception, which was wonderful, and quite generous of Cunard and the officers and crew of QE2.
    Captain Perkins, John Duffy and other senior officers joined us for the reception, which made it even more eventful.

    My video of QE2's farewell departure from Los Angeles:


    I guess you were aboard the excursion boat SPIRIT?
    I noticed that it was far from a capacity crowd aboard.
    L.A. is a tough place for ships, even the most celebrated and beautiful of them...

    Looking forward to your photos...
  15. John Clifford

    John Clifford Member

    Thanks for the YouTube show, Kyle.

    Where, in Ports of Call, were you taking the video? I saw Tom Nicolai on the dock, by the Ports of Call Restaurant; wonder if you were near him.

    On Sunday, I went down to the Port of LA early in the morning, to get some quick shots of the ship.

    It was overcast and drizzly, which was symbolic in two ways: it was the last time the QE2 would be seen in LA, and that the response here was poor.
    It's too bad, but the Port of LA is a popular spot for many cruise ships, and the fact that the Cunard Queens are here maybe once a year makes it such that the news is so-so.

    I also don't recall any news stories about the ship being here for the last time, which is another rotten aspect of things.

    The SPIRIT cruise was fun; we did not have an overflow crowd, but we everyone enjoyed the chance to say "Farewell to the QE2" and see the ship for the last time.

    I was glad that the weather cleared up, so we had sunny skies, and mild temperatures, as we followed the ship during its departure.

    I took two of my digital cameras with me, to take pictures. For one of the cameras, the flash ruined the images; will have to recheck the instructions for turning off auto flash.
    My other camera got some great images, which I will post shortly.

    I met one friend who came up from San Diego; he and some others then stayed over on the Queen Mary.

    What I did was make two "FAREWELL QE2" signs, which many of us held up as we passed by, and hovered near the ship. Some of the passengers saw the signs and waived to us. I was glad, as my artistic ability is so-so; will never compete with Ken Marschall.

    The SPIRIT left the docks at Ports of Call, and we headed over to the Port of LA faciilities; we then waited as a Royal Viking ship first left, then the QE2 was escorted out.
    It was weird to see the QE2 pushed out, in reverse, but I was glad for another opportunity to see the ship, and reminded myself that I will be on board for an August trip.

    We were allowed as far as the entrance to the Harbor, and we watched the QE2 sail off, to mixed feelings and melancholy. The area near the Harbor entrance was the one rough point of our voyage, but the group enjoyed a wonderful trip, as we were thankful for the opportunity; out many thanks goes out to the manager of the Trans-Oceanic Shop, on the Queen Mary, who arranged the excursion.
  16. John Clifford

    John Clifford Member

    Here are some of the QE2 images:

    Early AM, Sunday, March 30th
    (Picture taken from the Ports of Call patio area)

    Views from Harbor Drive:


    Mid-Afternoon Pictures (note: sunny skies):
    Picture taken in front of the SPIRIT Cruises wharf, and by the Ports of Call Restaurant, looking over to the Cruise Terminals:
    Friends who came up and over for the Excursion: QE2 in background:
    "Yours, truly", in same location, QE2 in background:

    "FAREWELL QE2" poster images: "Ken Marschall, I'm not" wink.gif grin.gif :




    View of the QE2 from the SPIRIT, in mid-Harbor:

    I will post some more photos tomorrow or Friday.
  17. From The Shipping Times:

    Historic meeting of Cunard Queens
    More at http://www.shippingtimes.co.uk/itm159_cunard-liners.htm

    Comment: An unexpected opportunity to see all three together...probably for the last time ever...in Southampton.
  18. John Clifford

    John Clifford Member

    Thanks for the links to the articles, Mike.

    Here are some more images of the ship, on its last day in Los Angeles:


    PICTURES TAKEN AFTER THE SPIRIT LEFT ITS BERTH, AND HEADING OVER TO THE QE2 (aka "Another opportunity to have our pictures taken with "The Queen"):






    AS WE PASSED BY THE QE2, AND WHEN WE WAITED IN THE WATERS NEAR TO AND UNDER THE VINCENT THOMAS BRIDGE (at this time, some of the people on the ship waved to us, especially when they saw the "Farewell" signs):













    For me, the departure was bittersweet: the ship won't be returning to LA, and many of us stood in the back of THE SPIRIT as we returned to port; we wanted to watch the ship, in the distance, for as long as we could.
    I, though, am thankful I will be on board her, for the last time, in August.

    The ship is now transiting the Panama Canal for the last time. On Thursday it will be in Fort Lauderdale, for the last time.

    If anyone will be in Fort Lauderdale, or in Southampton, on the 22nd, I hope you are able to get plenty of pictures.
  19. Jerry Nuovo

    Jerry Nuovo Member

    Great pictures John.Enjoy you cruise aboard the QE2 in August.Your pictures of the QE2 will inspire me to take photos of the QE2 next October 10th in Southampton when I have completed my 2nd Eastbound Transatlantic Crossing aboard the QM2 that sails out of New York on October 4th and then pictures of the QE2 from the deck of the QM2 on the October 10th Westbound Transatlantic Crossing.I also will take pictures of the QE2 next Saturday April 12th when she'll be docked in New York and it will not be in Brooklyn.It will be back to the West Side of Manhattan Piers 88,90 and 92.One question I would like to ask and I am embarrassed to ask is can anyone know please tell me how to download photographs onto the internet?