QE2 Unseen for about 30 years Slides

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While cleaning I came across a box of slides in the cupboard and having gone through them I found 2 of the QE2 in NY harbour that my mum told me she had taken while on the Circle Line boat. However, I have just managed to get them scanned on a slide scanner and here they are, taken in September, 1972.

Great photos, Greg, and thanks for posting them. Interesting to see both the QE2 in her earlier configuration and the then-state-of-the-art-now-borderline-pathetic piers under construction.

Kyle Johnstone

Hi Greg,

Thanks for these slides.
QE2 is, in my opinion, the most beautiful ship in the world, still in service or not.
SS France was in her time a gorgeous ship, just slightly edging out QE2 on my list. (those twin funnels! Talk about a nice pair of stacks!) Sadly France/Norway is now history more than likely, and my heart will be broken when QE2's time comes.

Coincidently, I also found slides that I took in 1974, down at Cunard's NY pier. Hope these are historically relevant and interesting.

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R.Glueck QE2 NYC 74

There are others too, if they would be of particular interest. Most are similar to these.

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Jason D. Tiller

Hello Richard,

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