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I feel like an idiot asking this but here it goes...I just ordered a Queen Mary 2 brochure off the Cunard website. Now my question is is it free? Because no where on the ordering page do I see a price or credit card information. Has anyone else ordered this? Whats contained inside? Did it cost money? OK, thats it. Stupid question huh? Thanks

By the way, did anyone notice the image of the Majestic on the Cunard Website's montage of great Cunard Line ships? They have her wearing the Cunard funnel colors, and dated 1922. Did someone on the design end mean to caption the artwork Berengaria and get careless?

As for the contents of the brochure- there are some nice artist's renderings of various interiors, and at least one great painting of the 1936 Queen Mary used to illustrate Cunard's history. Plus the expected deck plans and prices. I am in cabin 6100 for the Southhampton/Caribbean/Fort Lauderdale January maiden voyage.
Yes, actually this point was brought up a few weeks ago Jim, about whether or not Majestic ever wore Cunard colors. She never did. Always White Star Colors.

Thanks for the info on the brochure. BTW...does anyone know or have an idea how much the cheapest cabins would be? How much the Most expensive cabins will be? Thanks
Here are the standard transatlantic fares for a sample of cabins, Regular Fare and Early Booking Discount Rate, per person:

GRAND DUPLEX: (2,249 sq ft) $27,499.00/ $21,799.00
JUNIOR SUITE: (381 sq ft) $5,869.00/ $4,699.00
DELUXE BALCONY: (248 sq ft)$4,249.00/ $ 3,999.00
STANDARD BALCONY: (248 Sq Ft) $3,619.00/ $2,899.00
STANDARD OUTSIDE: (194 sq ) $3,189.00/ $2,549.00
STANDARD INSIDE: (194 sq ft) $2,499.00/ $1,999.00
LOWEST FARE INSIDE: (194 sq ft) $1869.00/ n.a.

To which must be added Port Charges. One way airfare is included on the Transatlatic cruises, with an attractive $450 supplemental upgrade to First Class.

Third and Fourth in cabin: $1,059.00

Of the bottom fare cabins, there are 7, so book those early. The Atrium cabins are inside cabins which look out over the well above the Grand Lobby. Again, there are only 12 of these, so book early here as well.

The absolute least expensive cabin on any cruise is an inside on the 3 night "Queen For A Day" cruise, May 7-10 2004, which can be had for $619.00 per person
James, I do have a brochure, sent by a travel agent friend. I can copy it for you, and send it out.
Just let me know, PRIVATELY, you address.

I'm definitely looking forward to April 2004, when I will be on the maiden SOUTHAMPTON to NEW YORK crossing.

John Clifford

Jason D. Tiller

Hi John!

"I'm definitely looking forward to April 2004, when I will be on the maiden SOUTHAMPTON to NEW YORK crossing."

So am I!! I'm also looking forward to being your cabin mate. One year, three months and counting!!

Best regards,

Jason and John: While we are aboard the two maiden voyages we should contribute ongoing reviews of the respective trips on this site, since I believe that there will be Internet service available and it is usually fairly inexpensive.

Less than one year and counting.
Why would anyone spend that much when they can just order it for free from Cunard? Strange...I am hoping to book a voyage for the summer of 2005. Looking forward to that and I can't wait to see what all of you think about it.
$26.00? I am going to go and list my booking confirmation receipt as a one of a kind collectible, a steal at $75.

JAMES: If you are serious about the 2005 voyage, book extremely early- sometimes you can get considerably more than the 20% early booking discount in the brochure, but those promotions are on a space available basis and when they're gone, they generally don't become available again.
Hello, I am Jerry Nuovo and I am new to this website, though I have been reading it the last few years. I was just wondering if anyone reading this will be aboard the QM2 on her maiden Caribbean Cruise as I will be or on April 25,2004 when both the QE2 and QM2 will both sail out of New York together. I will be on the QE2 for that cruise to Southampton and on May 1,2004 I will return to New York on the QM2. For this year I will be aboard the QE2 on May 4,2003 for a cruise to Bermuda where there will be maritime historians giving lectures on the great transatlantic liners and also ocean liner memorabilia and during July and August I will be aboard the QE2 for a transatlantic crossing to Southampton staying aboard for a Mediterrean Cruise and then sailing back to New York on the QE2. You may ask I can I afford this? Well I am not rich but I do save a lot of my money and by travelling aboard the QE2 and QM2 in the least expensive cabins. Sincerely, Jerry Nuovo
Hi, Jerry- I will be aboard the QM2 for the Southhampton/Caribbean maiden voyage next January. Bookings for that trip were made available to previous Cunard customers for nearly a month before they were offered to the general public, so I left word with my travel agent to book me immediately, regardless of cost, first thing on the morning they went on general sale. The end result wasn't as painful as it might have been, but was still far from inexpensive- so I gather that you were able to book as a prior customer to get one of the least expensive cabins.
Hello Jim-Thanks for the reply. Do you mean that you will be aboard the QM2 for the crossing from Southampton to Fort Lauderdale and then staying aboard the QM2 when she sails from Fort Lauderdale to the Caribbean on January 31,2004? You see I will board the QM2 on January 31,2004 for the Caribbean Cruise. I will not board the QM2 in Southampton on January 12,2004 because I do not care for airline travel and because of that I regret missing the maiden voyage out of Southampton. As a matter of fact, Since I live in Northern New Jersey next January when I go to board the QM2 in Florida, I will travel by Amtrak because of my fear of flying. I did find these 2 websites that have pictures of the QM2 under construction. They are http://dossiers.ouestfrance.fr/DOSSIERS/QUEENMARY2/QM2_photos061102F.asp and www.marine-marchande.com/queen-mary.htm. The words in these websites are in French,but worth checking out anyway for the pictures of the QM2 under construction. Sincerely,Jerry Nuovo
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