QM2's lifeboats

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Liam Thomas

I have worked out the total lifeboats on davits capacity to be 3162. The QM2 carries 3873 passengers+crew. I am assuming that the remaining people without a lifeboat seat would have to take to the inflatable life rafts? Exactly how many inflatable life rafts are there? and the capacity of each?

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The total number of passengers and crew can vary, but the maximum number of passengers that can be onboard (including third and fourth berths) is 3,056, and the maximum number of crew is about 1,254. So, the Queen can carry a maximum of 4,310 passengers and crew. The Queen Mary 2 is equipped with 22 Schat-Harding lifeboats, each with a capacity of 150. As well as 2 Norsafe rescue boats, each with a capacity of 6. The ship also carries 60 Zodiac davit launched life rafts, each of which can hold 37 people. So, the lifeboats can hold 3,300 people, the rescue boats can hold 12, and the Zodiacs can hold 2,220. Altogether, the QM2 has a lifesaving capacity of 5,532, or more than 128% of the total number of passengers and crew onboard.

I hope that this information helps.

The rules require a minimum of lifeboats sufficient for 75% of the ship's company.

There must be liferafts under davits for 25%, plus other liferafts, not necessarily under davits, for another 25%. QM2 slightly exceeds these requirements.

I pity the crew who have to take to the liferafts. Getting people into liferafts under davits is a rather dangerous business. I'll find a photo of one in action. It's not encouraging!
So much for the notion that all ships have lifeboats for all. Liam took some time to crunch the numbers and stumbled on to a little known fact that you won't find the shipping lines calling a lot of attention to.

Supposedly, the idea is to get the passengers in the boats with the bulk of the crew taking their chances in the liferafts. Personally, I think the idea of getting people into liferafts under davits is something of a non-starter unless the beast happens to be a semi-ridged craft along the lines of the Titanic's notorious collapsibles. Even then, by the time you get to that point, if you're still aboard, you are in heap BIG trouble.

That inflatable raft under the crane in the website above looks like a deathtrap to me. All that rope which is needed to hold the thing and if you can't detatch the device at the lifting point, you're going to be in for an exciting time trying to cut it away as the ship is sinking underneath you.
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