Queen Elizabeth Builder's Plate

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I was in the Glasgow Museum of Transport today and I see they have made a very interesting acquisition since I was last there in the builder's plate from RMS Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mary's sister ship.

The plate is identical to the one still seen on the Queen Mary's sun deck. See the plate on the left, halfway down on:

(I'm not sure if this is the original builder's plate for the Queen Mary. Can anyone tell me if it is?)

It was salvaged by the firefighters in Hong Kong who worked on the wreck after the ship was completely destroyed by fire in 1972. It was in the possession of the Hong Kong Fire Master, a Mr Watson, who presented it to Transport Museum upon his retirement. I'm going to go back and get photos of it soon.
May 8, 2001
Stuart: RE: QM. If no one is able to tell you, I will be glad to try to find out the next time I am there, and take pictures of it too. (I wish Bill Sauder was around.... He would most certainly know!) Colleen
Thanks for your offer, QM enthusiasts out in California have already emailed me to tell me they are reproductions of the originals made in 1995 as the originals themselves were stolen during the Long Beach 'conversion' in the early 70s.

The QE's original brass/bronze builder's plate was sent from Hong Kong to Scotland last year. I wonder if its salvage from the QE fire in 1972 was made public before then?

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