Queen Mary Commemorative Series

Jan 21, 2003
My girlfriend recently purchased a Queen Mary coin, with an american penny on the left (1967) and a half penny (1967)and I was wondering what the value of this is. I've seen a silver one online at $375 but the one I have is like a gold or brass look. thanks for any information

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Nov 23, 1996

I am not sure which commemorative medal you are taking about the only "Official" commemerative medals I am aware of are the Maiden Voyage Medal which is shown bellow:

Queen Mary - Maiden Voyage Medal - odverse

Queen Mary - Maiden Voyage Medal - Reverse

To the best of my recollection there are two versions of this medal a large size version that was given to passengers on the Maiden Voyage and a smaller version that was available for purchase by the public after the Maiden Voyage.

The larger sized version shown above with its original green velvet box is worth around $350 - $400 The smaller version goes for about $175 - $250.

The other commemorative medal was given to passengers on the Final Great Voyage to Long Beach.

A copy of one given to a passenger is below:

Final Voyage Medal - Odverse

Final Voyage Medal - Reverse

To the best of my recollection the Bronze medals were given to the passengers on the final voyage of the Queen Mary to Long Beach. These can be found on E-bay for around $25.00. These were also Available for purchase in 1968.

A silver gun metal version of this medal was made available for purchase by the public in 1969-1970 by the City of Long Beach and is quite common it can be found on Ebay for $10-$15.

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