Queen Mary December 9 1967 December 9 2002 35 Years

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Hello All:

Today is the 35th anniversary of the RMS Queen Mary completing her final voyage "The Great Cruise" No. 1002 from Southampton to Long Beach.

The Queen Mary left Southampton England on October 31, 1967, and arrived finally in Long Beach on December 9, 1967 after a forty day /14,559 mile journey around Cape Horn. Coast guard cutters used as tugs assisted the vessel to Pier E in Long Beach Harbour.

At 12:07pm Captain John Treasure Jones signalled to the Engine room "Finished with engines" for the last time from the bridge telegraphs; and an era came to an end.

On December 11, 1967 the RMS Queen Mary was officially turned over to the City of Long Beach. The register was transferred to the British Consul General, and from this date the Queen Mary was removed from the Register of ships. Her propeller shafts were disconnected and from this date forward the Queen Mary has officially been classified as a building.

Postcard of Queen Mary Arriving in Long Beach Harbour December 7, 1967 - Photo by J.R. Eyerman -postcard by Color View. /S. Anderson Postcard Collection


This is a postcard image that has been used on quite a few versions of this type of card. This version shown here was sold quite soon after Queen Mary's arrival in Long Beach.

I would assume it is more common out on the west coast then here on the east coast.

There are hundreds of images like this one that are available as numerous photographs were taken by photogaphers on the hundreds of pleasure boats that came out to meet her.

When I have time I will have to dig through my collection and find the photographs and memorbilia, I have relating to this voyage and her arrival in Long Beach.

I have to get a copy of "Three Stacks and You're Out" - I have bid on several, however I have a problem with paying $75.00+ for a paperback.

Here are a couple of rarer items from the collection related to Queen Mary's Final Voyage.

I will assume people have seen the final log, menus, and both passenger lists. But these items are a little harder to find.

A postal cachet, that passengers received postmarked at all the various ports of call on the day of calling. In over 25 years of collecting I have only seen this once and I bought it. Various pre-printed dates have had a white piece of paper pasted over them and the revised dates due to the changed schedule added.

(Item has been cropped as it bigger then scanner bed, S. Anderson Collection)

And a Certificate of Proclamation, for Crossing the Equator, on November 7, 1967.

Correct, me if I am wrong Queen Mary fans but this would be the only time this certificate was ever issued on a peacetime voyage of the Queen Mary. And they shouldn't have issued one for the Pacific side as the Equator had already been crossed.

(Image also has been cropped due to size)

Robert W. Collier

Thank you for sharing the pictures. I believe I have seen the postcard of the Queen Mary arriving in Long Beach. Next time I go down to see her I will see if any of the gift shops carry it, it would be nice to add to the collection.
Robert W. Collier
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