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Looking through the vast collections of old photographs we have in my house i came across this one of the Queen Mary.
It looks like it was taken as she left the Clyde as all her lifeboats are not onboard.
Here is the picture I have of the Mary. I wonder how many of us have ancient photographs in cupboards depicting great liners either as the main subject or in the background?


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Greg a big hello and thanks for showing us this grand majestic lady of the seas. She knew how to captivate the hearts of millions world-wide!

Unbeknown to many, in tonights Southampton Echo, the Cunard headquarters in London are asking and looking for people to come forward and give their own life-stories on how they became employed, and tendered the many vessels of Cunard. There are searching for a whole range of people, including ex-crew, stewards and even dockers.

Perhaps Greg you might consider this golden opportunity and giving Cunard a detail account on how this unique photography fell into the hands of your prized possession.

Cunard Researcher
The Open Agency
Mill House
8, Mill Street

E-mail:- [email protected] com

Good luck Greg, and let us know how you get on!

Best wishes

Andrew W.
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