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Martijn Kaspers

This is my first message here, so forgive me if this has been asked before. I bought a book by Edward de Groot on Titanic a few years ago. In it I found a photograph, with roughly the following statement (originally in Dutch): 'Last picture taken of people on Titanic'. It shows 3 crewman, 2 of which are identified as 4th Officer Boxhall and 2nd Officer Lightoller. The person on the left, slightly in the background, seems to be an (able) seaman passing by. I have been wondering who this mysterious crewman is. Has he ever been identified? I am especially intrigued because he is the only one looking directly into the camera (Lightoller and Boxhall are looking at a tender (?) being released).
Hopefully someone can help me with this.
May 7, 2001
I don't know the book you are refeering to however, if it is the photo taken in Queenstown as
officers and crew members are closing the
embarkation door, the officers are Lightoller and
Murdoch, not Boxhall. I am sorry I am not able to
help you with the 3rd person.
I found the photo in the excellent book
'Titanic Voices - memories from the fatal journey'

Brgds Magnar

Max Nikulin

Yes the officers were Murdoch and Lightoller
but the third person maybe not the seaman
but the 3rd class passenger - but
I don't think you will ever find out who
he was.

Best Regards


Julie Goebel

Jun 13, 1999
I was hoping someone can shed light on the photo that was taken of Lightoller and Murdoch at the gangway doors in Queenstown? One of them is for sure Lightoller but which one? The other one is sometimes said to be Boxhall or Murdoch. And to confuse even more, they have them switched around to say Lightoller, left or Lightoller, right.

The picture I am referring to is in Titanic Voyager and Stormer's bio of Murdoch, both mislabeled. It is also on the internet.


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