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Feb 24, 2004
Has anyone on here ever heard of a collector/ dealer named Frank Manfredi of New Jersey? He tells me he owns the biggest Titanic collection on the east cost, and has had his collection on TV and on display at the huge Antique Show they have in Atlantic City every year. Says he owns things that came from the wreckage, things from passengers, even the marconigram saying theyve struck a berg etc. I figure such a big collector would be known by someone on here- to be totally frank, I purchased a Captain Smith signed postal card from him (I posted a query about that in "today on eBay" but only got one response) and I have a concern about it. I contacted the Titanic Museum run by Mr Kamuda in MASS and theyve never heard of him. I'm just trying to find someone who might be able to back up what he's told me- I don't mean any disrespect to him if he's pretty reputable, but spending a lot of money on a Titanic item when we all know how much fraud is out there just makes me a bit nervous.
Thanks for any information anyone can provide me- you can email me direct if you wish- thanks
[email protected]

Jason D. Tiller

Dec 3, 2000
Niagara Falls, Ontario
Hi Steve,

Welcome back!

I tried to e-mail you a few weeks ago, but it was returned. Now that I have your updated one, I will re-send it.

I also hope to see you around more often.

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Guest (R17)

Hello I know this topic is old. But I wish I knew about Frank and Titanica before, I bought this Gracie book. He told me he worked with all the big auction houses like this Alan Andrews.

Guest (R17)

As we all know HAldridgeandSon is one of the most respected up market Titanic Auction sites in the UK. Hence I feel it was not right to mention there name in this topic. They have only ever been helpful, polite and professional. They would only conduct Business in a professional manner. It is a far cry from Ebay and Frank. There is no connection whatsoever. I think when you buy from HAldridgeandSon you get the real McCoy, and the good thing is there is something for every ones budget. They have a new Auction in September I think

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