Question about A Night to Remember

I'm trying to determine when the 1958 feature film "A Night to Remember" was first broadcast on either CBS or CBC. More specifically, was it broadcast in 1965 or 1966? My questions relate to research I'm doing about a story that takes place in that era; viewing of the Titanic film on television is a very important story element. I've sent messages to CBS and CBC looking for programming archival info but not heard anything back, so if anyone might have knowledge relating to these questions, it will be greatly appreciated.

Are you sure the film had a network television premiere? I know it appeared on Chicago television locally on Saturday, January 13, 1973.

For your reference:

The Midwest Premiere of the film, A Night To Remeber, occurred at Chicago on Thursday, February 26, 1959 at Todd's Cinestage theatre, Dearborn and Lake. An ad in the Chicago Tribune (same date), states:

"FREE--- to first 200 patrons opening day only---Bantam Book Best-Seller "A Night To Remember"
I am very sure that here in the USA, A Night to Remember was first broadcasted on CBS in the spring of 1968.I first saw that movie on that broadcast and I was 8 going on 9 years old at that time. Regards,Jerry
March 23, 1968. CBS Thursday Night Movie. Heavily promoted screening on TV pages, with David McCallum photo used most often. Prior to this, ANTR does not appear on any TV listing as far back as 1962.

Given the publicity, and the fact that I cant find earlier screenings, I believe that Jerry is correct about 1968.
Anyhow - The amazing movie - and the great legwork done by Walter Lord did set the standard for all later pictures - I know the movie was shown on TV in Norway in the late seventies. BUT I saw "A night to remember" in a movie-theatre in 1960.(By the I had already memorized the novel..........................)