Question about Aquitania's plans


Jane Smith

So, I somehow managed to find these plans of Aquitania since I was trying to find these to see the history of the ship or start some sort of simulation, i guess.

I looked at NorwayHeritage page for the Aquitania and I notice something listed about the D-deck areas/accommodations. The NorwayHeritage pages lists this: "The first deck within the molded structure, designated the "D" deck, was given over largely to the cuisine department. In order to add to the comfort and simplify ventilation, the height between this and the deck above was 11 feet. The first class dining saloon was almost amidships, extending the full width of the ship. A foyer or reception room for the first class passengers was located forward of the first class dining saloon. The second class dining saloon was further aft. Between the two were the galleys. At the extreme after end of that deck there was a third class smoking room and entrance to the third class quarters, while at the forward end there was a large third class social hall."

When I look at the plans above for D-deck, I see this something different. The 3rd Class Non-smoking compartment is just the social hall/lounge at the forward end of the ship. At the aft end of the ship has this labeled: 2nd class entrance, the 2nd class gymnasium, followed by the 3rd class entrance and promenade, and wards. Did Aquitania have a 3rd class smoke room? If it did then where is it?
Kate Powell

Kate Powell