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This question is about the value of a particular Titanic book - I’m not sure if it belongs here or in “marketplace”, so please forgive me if I’ve posted it in the wrong section!

My late father was very interested in shipping and shipwrecks in particular. In his collection is the “Report On The Loss Of The Titanic (S.S.)” produced by the British Court of Enquiry.
The wording on the spine reads 'Enquiry into the Loss of The S.S. "Titanic", Volumes 1 & 2, Report and Evidence' and the book runs to 972 pages. It was published on 30/7/1912.

This is not a reproduction but an original and we believe it may have been owned by Lord Mersey himself, although we have no definitive proof. My father acquired it in 1966 from a clergyman, Canon C.T. Wood. Inside the book is written “Lord Mersey’s own copy, purchased at the sale of his library, Sotheby’s” and the date and the lot number and purchase price (£2!) I don’t know if this inscription was written by Canon Wood or if there was a previous owner. We also have a letter from Canon Wood, offering the book to my father. (My father had previously approached him enquiring if he would be willing to sell.)

My mother was wondering what this book might be worth? She’s not really thinking of selling it but thought it would be interesting to try and find out. Does anybody have any idea - or any suggestions for getting a valuation?

Another track you could try would be to contact a local bookseller who specializes in antique books. If what you have is an original rather then a reproduction, I hope you also seek that dealers advice as to how to best take care of it. That way, it will have the greatest possible value.
Jesse - thanks for the link. I had come across that site but I didn't see a listing for an original (just a reprint). But I might try and contact the owner directly as you suggested.

Michael - thanks for your suggestion. There are not too many antiquarian booksellers where my mom is but it's a good idea to at least find out how to keep the book in reasonable condition.
John, could you possibly attach a photo of the book? Is it both volumes in 1 book, or are they two books?
Hardcover or softcover?
I'm wondering if its the journal of Commerce publication...


Tarn Stephanos
Tarn, Mr. Ferguson hasn't logged on since last August as I write this so I doubt you'll be hearing from him. My copy of the British Inquiry Minutes of Evidence and the Report of the Court is in a dark blue hardcover about two and a half inches thick, and was first published by His Majesty's Stationary Office.
Hi Michael
Any way you could post a jpeg of your book?
Is it the complete Brit inquiry, or just a summary theof?
Im curious as the recently published Brit Titanic Inquiry (via the Public Records Office) was much thicker than 2 1/2 inches)

Loooks like there is another 1912 Titanic volume I need to track down!
8 )


Tarn Stephanos
>>Any way you could post a jpeg of your book?<<

'Fraid not. I don't have a scanner and I don't have any photos loaded onto my machine.

>>Is it the complete Brit inquiry, or just a summary theof?<<

It's the whole thing. Minutes of evidence (Read: The testimony.) the final report, appendices and all. I bought my copy seven years ago from
Then it is a very rare volume indeed-All I have come accross regarding the 1912 Brit Inquiry is the Journal of Commerce publication, and that was an edited synopsis of each day of the inquiry.(then there is the recently published uncut Brit Inquiry that came out via the Public Records Office)
The hardcover 1912 US Senate Titanic Hearings book is very common in comparison- At least 6 copies have come my way- I have 1, and have traded or sold the others.
Im curious Michael, the type face on yout Brit inquiry book must be microscopic, if it can all fit in a two inch thick book. My recently publiched Public Records office Brit inquiry book is as thick as a telephone book....


Tarn Stephanos
>>Then it is a very rare volume indeed...<<

Not really. It's a modern day reproduction, and Iwas guesstimating at how thick it is. The print face and size is exactly as it was in 1912, errors and all.
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