Question about Miss Elizabeth Dowdell

Could someone explain this discrepancy to me? Miss Dowdell's age, as given by her ET bio, was 31 at the time of the sinking and the birth date as given of September 6, 1880 certainly supports this. However, on the same page it states that she attended the premier of 'A Night to Remember' in 1958 and died on November 16, 1962 at the age of 70. Assuming her date of birth and age at time of death is correct, she would have to have died in 1950. If her date of death and age are correct, her birth would have occurred in 1892 and her age at the time of sinking 19 rather than 31. If her dates of birth and death are correct, she was 82 when she died. Has anyone addressed this? I'm afraid I'm not at all adept at the necessary research.