Question about Sasha's painting

Jun 7, 2005
I have been playing the game for years,
and I think that there are two paths regarding
the painting. One set of steps and the painting's
there and it's not there.
Can anyone help me remember these steps?
Sep 5, 2005

There are no true "steps" on retrieving the painting (unless you count "sending" Mr. Thayer's telegram for the purser [You don't have to copy it word for word or even at all, just take it out of your bag at the wireless room and hit a letter on your keyboard, you'll hear a 'ding' sound which signifies you completing that part] and getting Mr. Strauss's cufflink [on the chair on your left hand side at the foot of the grand staircase on D-Deck]), the main thing it depends on is speed. If you take forever finding out how to get into the cargo hold to get the painting, then most likely, the painting will not be there, but if you have a good sense of what to do and when to do it, most likely the painting will be there.

Hope I helped!


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