Question about the calls for help...

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I'm new to the board and have read only a fraction of what's on this board so please pardon me if this has been covered elsewhere.

Does anyone know if the Titanic Captain or crew ever sounded an alarm using the whistle? Once the rockets were sent up, could the Officers not have followed that up with repeated whistle blasts to draw further attention to the rockets? Surely, that would have been highly unusual to any vessel within a short distance?

Again, I'm new to the forum but have never read that this option was used.

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R. Robert Palmer
Robert --

There are no reports of Titanic's whistles being used to attract attention. There was a "roar" of steam escaping from the #1 funnel, however.

Under the Rules of the Road in 1912 (and today), the continous sounding of a ship's whistle is considered a distress signal.

--David G. Brown