Question on Andrew's Cabin


Apr 15, 2012

I understand that Thomas Andrews was in cabin A-36. I know there was a door that led to the hallway, which was close to the first class smoking room.

What I don't know is this: was there a door to the promenade deck from his cabin? How big were the windows that looked out on the deck? Finally, was there a desk in his cabin that he could work at?

Many thanks for your information!
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Brad Rousse

Nov 27, 2002
Prague, Czech Rep.
While I can't comment on the window size (I would presume they would be the standard size for staterooms or uniform with the rest of the windows), a glance at Bruce Beveridge's super detailed plans in TSM confirms my suspicions regarding your other questions:

-No door opened out onto the promenade deck, but would have opened instead onto the first class entrance on A-Deck. The cabin did not open onto the hallway, but would have been easily accessed by turning left and walking a few feet.

-A-36 was furnished with a dressing table, which probably could have doubled as a desk if Andrews wanted. He may have also been using his bed to store plans while at work (I know I used my bed for notes and research materials in college and grad school!).
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