Question rehow to get artifacts exhibit to my town

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Hilda Jaschke

Jun 20, 2001
I was fortunate to see it when it was in Dallas,but would love to see it come to San Antonio,Tx! Have any of you ever been successful in lobbying for the tour to come to your home town! do go about as being volent/worker with the exhibit?


Andrea Jane Rice

There is currently a Titanic exhibition in London which I went to see yesterday with my family. They weren't, for obvious reasons, able to display everything salvaged from the wreck, but did have a lot including re-created sets of a 1st class state room and a 3rd class room for 4 with bunk beds (as was usual). They also showed films, and had their own iceberg (which my son thought was brilliant). However, as this section was frozen at the usual zero degrees, it was explained that salt water freezes even colder, and that the ice you were touching was not as cold as the waters they were plunged into. No wonder most died of hypothermia, not drowning.

If you would like to take a look at this site, it can be found on
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