Questions about Cameron's Titanic

Tom Robison

Jun 19, 2007
Re-watching "Titanic" tonight for the umpteenth time... picked up on some questions. Hope they haven't been discussed here before:

1) Hockley's bodyguard (David Warner's character) had a chrome or nickel-plated .45 automatic, a "1911-style" weapon... as John Browning
only invented this gun the year before, is it likely the bodyguard would have had such a weapon?

2) As I recall, the primary set for the movie was in Mexico... How did Cameron get the actors breath to show while filming on-deck scenes... was that
computer-generated FX?

3) In several scenes filmed after the collision, while Jack and Rose are running about the ship, being chased by Hockley... there are very bright lights
shining through the exterior windows... how is that possible on such a dark, moonless night? In fact, I thought there was entirely too much ambient light
during all the sinking scenes.

Again, I imagine these have all been talked about before, sorry to resurrect old discussions...

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