Questions about Winnifred Quick Tongerloo

Andy In

Feb 19, 2006
does any1 have a biography or pictures of her in her later years? if you do, please let me know. Thank you

Samuel Liu

Dec 10, 2005
Hi Andy,
My friend was reading a book about her and he mailed me that book. i got it in my mailbox today. apart from all of those. there are some other details about her life and pictures of her.

Winnifred Vera Quick was born in January 23, 1904 in Plymouth, Devon. Her family emigrated to Detroit,Michigan in 1910. They later went back in 1912. On their way back, she her sister Phylis, and her mom boarded the Titanic as second class passengers. On the night of the collision, they quickly got out and were rescued in Boat 11. Winnifred lost her slippers when being thrown in. Their lifeboat had been heavily loaded and very crowded. After their rescue, they were reunited with their father. In 1913 and 1918, two more sisters of Winnifred were born.

Then in 1918, she met a man named Alois Van Tangerloo. They were married in 1923 and had three sons and two daughters. Sadly in 1954, her sister Phylis died after shooting herself in the head. In 1959, her father died and her mother followed in 1965.

The last couple of years seemed hard for her. She lost her husband and two of her sons.She was taken care of by her daughter Jeanette until her death sadly in July 4, 2002. She was buried in Mount Olivet Cemetery in Detroit, Michigan.

Hope this gives you some info.


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