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Dec 16, 2006
Now, when it's the 100th anniversary of the tragedy, it had appeared many new details and stories.

Nat Geo, Discovery Channel and The History Channel made their own shows about the disaster, but there are some details that I couldn't understand.

For example:

1.-It was said that Ismay ordered Captain Smith to re take the course, it means to continue the way to New York and Captain Smith had to obey that order, therefore, the entrance of water was increased until Captain Smith decided by himself to stop the ship because Andrews told him that it remained two hours to the end. ¿is it true?

2.-It was said that First officer Boxhall placed Titanic 17 kilometers far from the place it really was. ¿is it true?, ¿why did it happened?

3.-It was "proved" that observers in the Californian, including Captain Lord, couldn't see Titanic or didn't recognize it because there was happening a sort of illusion or mirage created between the sky full of stars, the horizon and the sea level ¿can you say anything about thisw?

The question number 2 became from testimonies given by the Chief of Firemen who could have survived and declared in New York's enquire, the question number 3 was "proved" by a team leaded by James Cameron with a group of experts, including an US Navy oficer..

I hope you could answer me, I'll be very gratefull.

I've been collecting information about Titanic since 1966, when Robert Ballard found Titanic in 1986 I could have the first radiophotos while he was still in the area.

Thanks for your time, and please apologize my bad English, it's a long time without speaking my swecond language.

Greetings from Buenos Aires.


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