Racing Through the Night Wade Sisson

This book was a labor of love and is now available online (primarily via It tells the story of the Titanic disaster from the perspective of the sister ship, Olympic, and her passengers and crew. The book provides the necessary history about the Olympic, Titanic and their captains. I hope everyone enjoys the book, which includes many wonderful photos provided by my kindly publisher.

Philip Hind

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Mike Poirier's review of this title has just been added to Encyclopedia Titanica.


Read the review and then buy the book... simple as that.
Thanks, Jason! I hope you enjoy the book. Steve - thanks for posting that article from 1912. That version of the article is the least inflammatory version. There's another version that said the stokers and engineers worked like something other than Trojans - something that today would be considered quite offensive.
I wish I did! I have the passenger list but not the crew. A few years ago England made it possible to access incoming passenger lists. I did searches using the names of people who we knew were on board until I got a "hit." From there you can see images of the full list.

Inger Sheil

Hallo Wade - any luck with the records in the NA on the crew list? I seem to recall the Olympic is in the "celebrated ships" class, so all her crew agreements are held out at Kew - I've called up some of them from time to time.
I was hoping this would happen and it has: A number of people have contacted me about relatives (or acquaintances) who were on board Olympic when Titanic sank. The stories (and in some cases the photos) that they are sharing have been great additions to the story - and I'm hoping to share them in a future edition of the book. One new contact I've recently heard from had a relative who was travelling in third class - filling in a gap. As with Titanic, the press didn't pay much attention to third class passengers on Olympic, so that side of the story has previously been blank.