Railings the funnels Olympic and Titanic and Britannic Questions


Codus Lionel

Hi Everybody,

I please say that Railings of the funnels one on a each with dimensions bar which goes up.

It is railings are for the covers so that the rain does not infiltrate in the funnels?

It is railings serf to prevent that the covers do not make the belly in bottom with the weight of rainwater?

Said me if I am in the error?

Kind Regards.


Jon Meadows

Codus - I may wrong but I would assume that the bars or railings that the opening of the funnels are for support so that they keep their shape over time.

The covers in the image look like tarps during construction and the pulley that you point out is merely a crane for construction.

My understanding is that there were no covers on the top of the funnels. They were just chimneys to vent exhaust from the machinery below.

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