Raise The Titanic DVD now available in USRegion 1

Mar 16, 2004
San Jose, California
RTT is now available in a US/Region 1 DVD. I just got mine from Amazon for about $10.
While it's great to finally be able to get a DVD version, fans will be disappointed to find that the film is paired on the same disc with an old Peter O'Toole movie (Man Friday), and is not in the widescreen format or enhanced for widescreen televisions.
However, the image quality is somewhat better over the old VHS versions that fetch high prices on Ebay.
Hopefully one day we'll get a remastered, widescreen release as has already been available in the UK.

sharon rutman

I just checked this out on Ebay and Amazon--the prices vary depending on what you want to spend. Oh well, at least I can nuke up the popcorn and watch my favorite screen queen Anne Archer make a horse's ass of herself all over again whenever I want.

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