Rarest Titanic Item

My item isn't rare, but it's the most valuable one to me. I have a 1st edition "The Night Lives On" by Walter Lord.

Hello Karen, I was lucky enough to buy that book an hour and a half after it was put on the shelf so I have a first edition also, it is a very informative book

My favorites right now are a 34" Tucher Walther Tin Titanic and a 47" tall JW RAy repro of the Titanic Telegraph, they're both for my "husband" (birthday, Christmas). I'm no dummy, they'll be displayed in "my" living room!
My other favorites are a full color copy of the Titanic china from the original pattern books of Royal Crown Derby and a gold medal given to the crew members of the 1987 dive expedition to the wreck. None is rare but they're my favorites!

David Seaman

My favourite item seems miniscule compared to the great collections I have heard about but it is still very special to me.
It is a photo-postcard of Edith Haisman signed by her on her 100th birthday. I got it from the Australian Titanic exhibition in early 1998.
If only I could have been there....hmmmm
I have Florence Angle's necklace which she was still wearing during her escape from the Titanic, together with her husband, William (Sonny) Angle's pen. I also have a swimming medal presented to Edward Lockyer and inscribed with his name - pity it didn't do him much good.
I would have to say that my rarest item is only a cherished memory in the fact that I touched the D-deck door of the Titanc. Something that I NEVER believed that I would be able to do, and brought tear to my eyes, as if a dream had come true. To just be face to face with a part of her was awesome, but to touch it was a memory worth more than all the books and videos I own. To this day it sends chills down my spine! Colleen

Bob Cruise

My most cherished item(s)?

I bought a woolen hat which is a semi-replica of the hat worn by the crew: a pancake affair with the words "R.M.S. TITANIC" on the front of the brim (the real hats had "WHITE STAR LINE" on them because no one had any reason to suspect that the TITANIC would be any different than other White Star Liners).

Couple that with the full-length naval officer's pea-coat that was given to me by my stepmother (a navy guy who rented one of her apartments left it behind) and heads turn when I walk down the street.
I believe that my best Titanic Memorabilia isn't the physical that I can see and touch, but the memories that have been shared of survivor accounts and from those on this board.

I cherish and have great respect for all of you who share a love for Titanic and her people.

To one and all, I thank you.

My rarest Titanic item are both (english and american) editions of Lady Duff-Gordon's autobiography Discretions and Indiscretions. The english one is in wonderful condition with some foxing; the american copy is in horrible condition but I am glad that I have them. And also letter and autographed photo from Millvina Dean.

Mary Hamric

I'm not able to procure much (hey, I'm poor right now! LOL!). My most treasured items are my autographed (Don Lynch) copy of Titanic-An Illustrated History, my Titanic Coal and my autographed photo of Cameron shooting the film.
Hello All:

I have been busy over the last few months with health issues and other new projects.

As for my most rare Titanic items that would be hard.

The top of my list would be my original White Star Line Olympic - Titanic Agency poster, who many of the old timers on the board will remember the day I located this back in 1995.

Next would have to be my original 1911 White Star line Olympic-Titanic Brochure. But you can't also count out the original Olympic-Titanic Deck Plan I aquirred years ago from Ken Shultz.

As for books on the Titanic and ocean liners in general over 1500 of them.

I also have a few choice items from various Titanic exhibitions given to me by my dearly departed friend George.

There are a lot of good memories of good people that have passed on that I also have in my collection.

Close Up image of 1911 Omlypic-Tianic White Star office Lithograph.
S. Anderson Collection, C.1995

I don't have a deck chair off the Titanic or a 1st class dining room plate. I do have the 1912 books that came out after the disaster which are relatively rare these days. However, I think that the rarest thing in my collection is a photograph signed by Titanic survivor Barbara Dainton. Its not something you will ever find on Ebay.

Kevin Saucier

I have an extensive collection of authentic items (TitanicItems.com) but my favorite piece is the large oak picture frame made from wreckwood by William Parker of the Minia. Nothing like holding a piece of the Titanic in your hand. I also have pieces of the deck, some of which are for sale.

Recently I picked up a rare pre-sinking Cadbury Titanic/Olympic trade card. It is in the best condition by far, than I have ever seen for this card. I had always thought the card had rounded corners to match the tin. It wasn't until recently I discovered the corners are actually square, just rarely seen that way.